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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I absolutely love country living.
There is one thing I miss about living in town.
(and this is the absolute only thing I miss)
Trick-or-Treat night.
When we lived in town, the street we lived on
was literally invaded by little ones
in all shapes, sizes, ugly, pretty,
scary, odd, everything you can imagine.
Sometimes the parents would dress up with their kids.
It was great.
So, because I miss it so much, I invited some family and friends
to bring their kids out to our 'haunted' house
to trick-or-treat us
(hopefully it's all treats!!)

So I made these little 
from my hero, Monica Solorio-Snow
I'm going to fill them with Halloween goodies
to pass out to the little monsters kids.

(note: to see this picture better, click here. Blogger was giving me troubles  uploading this properly)
I seriously love this woman.
She cracks me up like no other.
And when I say she's my hero,
I really mean it.

So check out her blog
to see what she's all about.

I guar-an-tee
you will love her like I do.
So this is my SHOUT OUT
to one of my top 5 favs.

I bow to you, my little zombie.

Have a good one folks!



Melissa P said...

Monica has such great energy and fun projects. Your Happy Zombie bags are great! Happy Halloween!

Sarah said...

You are so silly..... I love this pic!! It turned out absolutely creepy!
Kinda like B-movie creepy. Perfect for Halloween! You are so talented.