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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I WON!!!!!

Good morning!
So...I start my day like I always do.
I grab a cup of coffee
and look at all the updates on the talented blogs I follow.
Well....this morning...
I read this.

It's a book called
Table Talk.
It has 16 projects
along with the author's (Gudrun)
family recipes.
This book looks A...MA...ZING!!
If you would like to order this book
the author has several different sites
to do so.
You can find it here.
(now this is my FAVORITE part)
Kate Spain
has a new line coming out that I am SO in love with.
It's called
You can preview the fabric
It comes out in September,
which is why I am working
on getting my stash down
so I have room to add this line to it.
I will be the first in line
once it's available!

I hope you all have a great day.
Make sure to check out all the links
I provided in my post today.
It will sure get your creative
energy flowing!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anywhere Bag

Once in a while you see that perfect bag
you KNOW is just right for you
the minute you lay eyes on it.

I found that bag in the
by Melissa

And I kept hounding inquiring
Melissa as to when the pattern would
be ready.

I just had to have it.

Just like a pen needs ink,
or a needle needs thread.
I needed this pattern.

Close up of the Yo Yo & Bling Button
for a little pop of color

There's a very nice pocket on the inside too.
I wish I would have taken a picture of it.
The inside is very nicely lined
and the entire bag is making
me fall in love with it all over every time I look at it!
(Since I finished making it about 3 hours ago! LOL)
I cannot WAIT to make another one!

Sometimes people come into your life
and just make it better.
When I met Melissa through blogging
(we've never met face to face)
she became someone I truly admired.
Her creativity, generous heart
and informative blogging
have honestly enriched my life.
Once you read her blog
you'll know what I'm talking about.
(Side note...she's also having a giveaway of some BEAUTIFUL fabric!)
She's just a great person.

Her patterns at her
are very reasonably priced.
They are VERY easy to read too.

As I mentioned in my previous post, 
I am now rating patterns via the # of 
chocolates I've either eaten, or wanted 
to eat while making the item.

Anywhere Bag = 2 chocolates.
NOT because the pattern wasn't clear,
because it was AMAZINGLY clear.
My "instant gratification" mode was in full force
and I didn't clearly read the instructions.
Yep...that's a VERY important part of the 
whole process...CLEARLY READ THE

Do I recommend you go and buy this pattern?
You will not be disappointed.
Anything from  her shop will be 
a welcome addition to your craft pallet.
Until the next chocolate rating...

Opposites Attract Update & Chocolate Count

I now have the quilt top finished 
from the wonderful

I am so in love with this!
I have to get some batting and then
I'll be able to quilt it.

This pattern went together 
so easy and came out so
beautiful!  I think it would be 
gorgeous to use black 
with a white tone on tone fabric.
Did I just give myself a new idea?
Cause I will most definitely make this pattern again.

I'm going to start rating patterns
by the number of chocolate I've either
eaten (on a scale of 1 to 10) while working on it
or THOUGHT about eating. (A quilter
and chocolate go together
like mashed potatoes and gravy, you know)
A high number means I was pretty stressed
trying to figure out the pattern

Opposites Attract = 0 chocolates.
It's just a great, amazing pattern.

If you would like to have this pattern
you can purchase it

My next project of Julie's is Dance Floor.
But not until Opposites Attract
is quilted.  :o)

Any suggestions as to where
you can purchase good, quality
batting online at a fair price?


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Quilt Festival!

Okay..this is my first time ever
joining a blogger's quilt festival
and I am so excited!
The hostess is Amy from

You can see all the participants by clicking
on the Blogger's Quilt Festival
button on the right side bar.
Make sure to stop over and check out
all the AMAZING quilts!

The quilt I am sharing is the one from a quilt guild I used to belong to - 
the Muscatine Melon Patcher's.
We did a round robin quilt where the quilt owner
made the first row, then it was passed around each month for 7 months
for another member to make a row.
The owner could leave everything up
to the other participants, or
they could leave instructions to follow.
The only instruction I gave was that the fabrics
should be 1930's reproduction fabrics.
At the end, all the rows came back to the owner
 to put together however they would like.
I was thrilled with all the beautiful work
everyone put into this piece of art.

I enjoyed this project a lot because of all the other
quilts I got to work on as well.  It was a great
way to use your imagination and creativity
while creating a row for all the different quilts
I worked on.  But I have to say,
when I got mine back,
I was in love!
But don't tell my husband that.
Cause he's my only 'true' love.
Thanks for stopping over
for a visit!  Next time I'll have some cookies.

New Sewing Project


I know it's been a while...and I'm really almost ready to post all the pictures of my new room.  I just have a few final touches to add before I do.  It's been so busy lately and it's hard to find time just for me.  But trust me, when I do, I make the best of it!

I did realize I needed to get a little sewing therapy going on.  That truly is my stress reliever.  I'm almost finished with my quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap I'm doing over at Once Upon a Quilt.  I really like it and hope my partner, Wendy. does too!

I have a pattern call Opposites Attract from Julie at Jaybird Quilts that I'm currently working on.  If you are interested in purchasing this pattern, or any of Julie's other patterns, you can find them here at Pink Chalk Fabrics.  I have a couple of Julie's patterns.  Opposites Attract is the first one I'm making and the instructions are easy to follow and the pattern make-up itself is very nice quality.  Black will be my other color with this, but here are the rest of the fabrics, most of which were purchased from my favorite person, Kym, at Fabric Fascination.  She really is the bomb.  And if you need something she doesn't have, just ask...a lot of times she will see what she can do.  I honestly cannot say enough great things about her.  There just aren't enough words in the dictionary!

I finished cutting the circles last night.

More to come on this as it progresses!

I thought I would share a couple of fun pictures from my room.  

I work with some pretty awesome people.
Chris (one of my favs!)
 is our Graphic Artist and he has a sign
company of his own.
I had him make a sign
special for my 'happy' place.
A girl  has to mark her territory, you know.
If you have any ideas for a sign you would like
feel free to contact Chris at
He'll be more than happy to assist you
in getting what you like!

Here's the sign he made for my new room:

L.O.V.E. it!!

Have you seen those little doors for children
that you can put up when they loose a tooth?
They call them a Tooth Fairy Portal?

Well...that gave me a fun idea and
I had so much fun making this little gem.
The little cupboard was something
my husband made years ago.
It was tucked away back in a closet.
I found it when I was moving into my new room.

So I painted it and Mod Podged some fabric on it.
And made the cute little sign.
 I'm sure all of you other
fabric-holics will want to jump on the band wagon!

My husband always asks where on earth
I get all my fabric from.
I just tell him it's magic.
And now...I'm really not fibbing.  :o)
 Here's where it comes from:

And what is even more lovely,
when I have a sewing guest,
she leaves them a sweet little gift!
Yep...just ask my sister.
I y'all want to come
sew with me, don't you? 
You want to see what she'll leave you,
Well come on over!