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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I enjoy working in my flowers.
I thought I would share a few of them with you.
I especially love looking around the farm to see what kinds of things I can
use for landscaping.  I also like going to garage sales 
to look for different containers to put flowers in,
or to display a birdhouse like the one below.
I purchased the chair at a garage sale a few years ago
and gave it a new coat of paint to brighten it up.
What do you think?

My lilies are just about ready to bloom.  They are going
to be beautiful this year!
The barn door is from our barn.
It's day as a barn door is long gone,
but it sure looks lovely with a little painted sign,
a birdhouse and some grapevine!

Below is a fence that was hanging in the old hog barn.
This is what's behind the blue chair & barn door.
My husband took it down for me and we set
it up here to put in a new flower bed.
My mom gave me her hostas that she no longer wanted.
Of course, I had the perfect place for them!
I think they look beautiful!

More to come, but I thought I would
give you a brief tour of what I've been up to.
It's never a dull moment!

Enjoy your day!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011


So I was messing around with some pictures
I had on my computer.
I found this one when I was younger
(I'm on the left)
with my mom, sister and ornery brother.
He's a redhead.'s true what they say about redheads.
But he's the best brother I could ever ask for.
And you all know how I feel about my sister,
or rather, how she feels about me,
because you'll see the picture of the two of us on my side bar towards the bottom.
I love her.
And my mom may be mad because I posted a  picture of her on here again.
But I think she's beautiful.
And I love her.
A lot.

So here we are today.

We grew up to be pretty great people.
And we all grew up together.
For crying out loud,
my mom was only 10 in the first picture.
(she's gonna kill me when she reads this)

But I think I have the best family a girl could ask for.
Now I have to get pictures of my husband and sons.
Cause they are super handsome
I know y'all will drool.  

But while I'm on the subject of family
here is one of my most favorite pictures

It's my Grandma & Grandpa.
My mom's parents.
I miss them every single day.

I hope  you all have family
you can hug and love.
Cause that's what life is all about.
If not, you are welcome to be family with us.
We're just kind of like that.
We welcome anyone who wants to be
as crazy and fun as we are.

Now remember...nobody is perfect.
No family comes without trials and tribulations.
But at the end of the day,
they are who they are
and you are who you are.
So embrace them.
Love them.
And share all the goodness you can.
That's the start of what makes the world a better place.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Dinner Guest

Hey there!
I guess I didn't know
I was having company for dinner.

So I was very surprised!

My home is always open
to all living things.
....within reason that is

But this little fella
was too cute
not to share a little 
bird seed with.

And he even washed his paws
when all was said and done.

Now how often does a polite squirrel 
show up for dinner?


Friday, June 17, 2011

Doll Quilt Sneak Peak & Work in Process

Well hello world!
Just a quick post today
to show you what this
crazy lady
has been up too.

First...I'm participating
in the Doll Quilt Swap
over at 
Christine has been
the most awesome hostess
of this event.

I sent my quilt off to 
on Monday
so she should get it any day.
Here's a sneak peak.

As far as projects I'm working on,
I really haven't had much time to sew.
But I've been sneaking in a bit in the mornings
before I go to work.
That work thing...
it sure gets in the way of my social life!
What the heck??

So, I'm posting the most AWESOME book 
I recently won (when I won my FAVORITE
fabric line E.V.E.R. - Terrain by Kate Spain)

These are the fabrics from the giveaway (Terrain)
that I picked out to use 
for my first project from the book.

Aren't they just beautiful!
And here is the book.

I absolutely LOVE this book!
It's full of amazing patterns
and very delicious recipes.
Oh my goodness!!
I am one lucky gal!

So I bet you're wondering
which project I started with.
Well here it is.

This pattern is a 'quilt as you go' one.
And it is AWESOME!
Just the few minutes I've 
worked on it this week
I am done with everything
except putting the binding on.
I'll finish this weekend and post the final display.

I am in love.
So in love.
I feel like a soaring dove.
Terrain Terrain
You make me feel so vain
This fabric is so not lame!
And Table Talk
You make me walk the walk
And talk the talk
Or walk the talk
However it may be
To a finished project
That fills THIS girl with glee!

Is anyone a bigger dork than I am?

Cause I would love to hear your story.

Until next time!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun with Picnik

So I've been having lots of fun with a
website (Picnik) suggested by SewHappyGeek.
It's great! 
Now I can mark all of my photos.

Remember my pictures of the 2011 blizzard?
This one of our lane is showing 
all the snow that made it impossible 
for us to get any vehicle out to escape.

Well, here it is today.

I still can't get over how much snow we had.
And to think it was just a few months ago!
I am really loving the green,
even though it was 93 degrees today.
I am happy I can get in my car and leave if I choose,
rather than being held hostage by a gazillion snowflakes! 

And my little bird sanctuary
that I look at every day out of my 
kitchen window.

Here it is today.
All fresh with flowers, 
clean water for the birds
and feeders that I just filled yesterday.
The little piglets!

And my sweet friend, Brenda, made me 
this love canvas flower pot.  She said the pattern is free on JoAnn's
website.  I need to search for it,
because it is so cute!
She purchased the canvas at
JoAnn's as well.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kate Spain - I LOVE YOU!!

I came home from work yesterday
Stopped at the end of the lane
to get the mail out of the mail box.
Inside was a HUGE package.
I mean HUGE!
Like it just ate way too 
many chocolates and was about
ready to explode
(kind of how I feel after eating 20 chocolates working on a stressful project)

But this package was a whole lotta 
nice chubbiness.
Kind of like me.  :o)

It was my bag full of
yummy goodness!!
My giveaway prize from 

I haven't received the book yet
(It's coming from the author)
But when it gets here
I am ready to rock & roll
my way thru the patterns & recipes!!

Terrain comes out in September.
I cannot WAIT!
I am beyond thrilled having this in my sewing room right now!
Is it not one of the most beautiful creations E.V.E.R.?
I'm excited to post projects from the book I'll be making using this
most amazing fabric!

AND...I have a little plan to pay homage
to one of my hero's, Kate.
Cause she autographed my envelope.

I have a little cutie idea planned for this.
I know...I am a dork.
But I stand proud!

So thank you SO much, Kate!
You honestly have no idea how happy you made me!!