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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello World!

Hey Everybody!

I'm linking up to Shay's (Quilting in My Pyjamas)
Favourite Things Friday.

I have to aplogize to my good friend, Jeannie.
She sent me the most AMAZING pouch just because,
and I am just now getting a chance to show it off.

If you've never visited Jeannie's creations,
I encourage you to do so.
You can view her Flickr photo's

I bow to this gal.

I absolutely LOVE her.
She continues to be an inspiration to me,
not only because her sewing and crafting is amazing,
but because of her beautiful heart.

I know you're dying to see the pouch she made for me.
Here it is!

And a close up of the most adorable bird!
(get it....singing quilter....singing bird...LOL)
LOVE it!

And here is the pouch inside.

How cute is this?? 
I was SOOO doing the happy dance when this came in my  mailbox!

I always look at  her creations in awe.
She is truly one of my top 5 crafting queens.
Actually, I should call her a Goddess.
(are you blushing yet, Jeannie?)
Thank you so very much again, Jeannie!
You brightened my day more than you could possibly know!

I was also the lucky winner of some
Aurifil thread from Amy's blog
Thank you, Amy!

Last, but not least, I have to show you my new addition.
It was only $1 at WalMart.
I couldn't pass it up.

It even lights up in different colors
and sits protectively watching over me in
my sewing palace.
I'm thinking this little cutie
will make my sweet hubby a little scared to come
in my sewing room,
I can hide my stash of new
fabric that seems to be multiplying.
Not sure how this happens.
I don't get out shopping much.
But, boy,
my mail man sure keeps busy.
(I love internet shopping)

I hope this finds you well!
Until the next adventure!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sad Week

Hey Everybody.

I so apologize for being absent.
It's been a tough week.
See, a friend of mine had the most
horrific thing imaginable happen last weekend.
Her son was killed.

I cannot even begin to imagine the loss of a child.
Her Justin and my Justin were the same age.
Though our sons didn't know each other,
we each spoke of them often through the years
of our work relationship/friendship.

My heart has been breaking for her.
I drove 2-1/2 hours to go to the visitation.
When I walked in, it literally took my breath away.

When my Justin was little,
he used to take sheets of 8-1/2 x 11 pieces
of copy paper, fold them in half,
and make cards for me.
He would place them on my bed
so I could find them when I turned in for the night.
I've saved every single one of them.
On the front would be,
"To Mom
From Justin"
and I would open them up and it would either say,
"I love you", or
"You're the best mom", or
whatever message he felt like giving me for the day
along with whatever picture he felt like drawing.

When I walked into the funeral home,
there were boards of my friend's Justin
showcasing his life.
On these boards were cards just like
my Justin used to make.
"To Mom
From Justin"
I could hardly look at them.

When I saw my friend
I could not hug her tight enough.

I remember the loss of our first child.
I was 4-1/2 months pregnant,
when it was discovered there was no heartbeat.
I will never forget that pain.
But raising a child
and having them in your life for 23 years,
I can't even begin to understand that feeling.

So I've shut down for a bit.
Not for my own pity,
but for the sadness that encompasses my heart
for my friend.
I admire people who can reach out in a time of hurt,
needing someone to lean on.
I'm not like that.
I can't share my hurt.
It's something I have to deal with in the quiet
serenity of my mind until I can grasp it,
deal with it, and let it go.

I had a friend who needed to share with me.
Her heart was hurting and her words to me, with tears in her eyes,
"I needed you to see my hurt."
I truly was in awe at that moment.
That she could be so raw,
so vulnerable,
to open up her hurts and share,
was impressive to me.

I can't do that.
But I am OK with being me.
It's just very inspirational,
and I felt honored,
that she trusted me enough
to be so open.

So I can feel myself coming back to reality,
but I thought I better let you all know
that I'm still here and kicking.

And, as a side note
 I'm hoping, that even though my Justin
will be 23 next month,
I am hoping for more homemade cards on white paper reading,
"To Mom
From Justin
I love you"

Thank you all for just being you.  Though some are my friends & family reading my blog
and some 'virtual' friends I've never met face to face,
you all are special to me
and I thank you for bringing what you do into my life.
I truly mean that.

God Bless,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great Things in the Mail!

Here's Oreo
wishing you a happy day!
She's actually one of our
two barn cats that comes
in to sew with me from time to time.
She's found a happy place
in one of my scrap baskets.
Gotta love her!

Do you love a great story?
I do!
So here's mine...

I was looking in Flickr for some inspiration
and can across this very talented gal
who's Flickr name is Chloeandme.
You can view her photo stream

I loved her work so much that I sent her a Flickr message.
I honestly did feel like kind of a stalker,
but now that you've taken a peak at her work,
can you blame me?
She's amazing!

Well...not only is she amazing,
she's sweet as all get-out.
Through our conversations she
asked if I would be interested in a private swap.
Who? Me? Swap with you?
Heck yeah!!!

So....check out the package I received:

Is this not one of the CUTEST pouches you've ever seen??
Here's a close up of the work I love SOOO much

how amazing is this??
Look at all the detail.
She totally puts me to shame.
Receiving this package in the mail
was just as exciting as winning the lottery!
Not that I know what that feels like,
but I bet it feels just like what I felt when I
tore open the package like a little kid at Christmas!

And she also sent me these awesome scraps.

I am still in awe.
And I just feel so blessed!
I cannot believe the incredibly
talented, sweet, beautiful people I have met
through blogging and groups in Flickr.
Every single day
I get more inspired
to try new things,
or perfect what I know I can do.
It's just amazing!

I am just sending off her package today,
so I will post pictures of that after I know she's received it.
Let's just say
that I don't hold a candle to her talents,
but I tried!

OH!!  And I just realized April 1st
came and went and I didn't post my weight loss update!
March was a pretty good month.!
My total overall weight loss
is now
21 lbs.

I hope you find lots to be thankful for today!