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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Until Later Sweet Sam

 We had to say goodbye to our sweet Sam the other day.
I hope you can bear with me as I share my memories of her.
I'm not doing this for sympathy.
I just want to document the short time we had with her, because she
truly was one of a kind.   Sam was only in our lives for 14 months, and these past 14 months have been so joyous.

When my husband said he wanted a Jack Russell for our next dog, I thought he was crazy.
Never having one before, I only knew what I heard others say.
My friend knew we were looking for one, and it just worked out that we were able to adopt Sam.
Everything just fell perfectly into place.

She was a spit fire - not in a bad way.
One of my friends once said, "She is the happiest dog I've ever seen".
No truer words were ever spoken.
She truly was the happiest dog we've ever known.
And she LOVED everyone.  It was never 'how she felt about you'.
It was just a given that she loved you at first site, as you can see from my friends below.

In a freak accident, we lost her on June 23,2016.
It was a blessing that my husband and I both got to be with her as she took her last breath.
We were the last two faces she saw as she left this earth, both of us telling her
how much we loved her and that everything was going to be OK.  You see, Sam was
incredibly special.  She was such a comfort if you were having a bad day.  She 
knew when sadness, or hurt, or any uncomfortable feeling was in  your heart.  
Sam did her absolute best to make you know everything was OK
and all you needed to do was be happy and run and jump.

She annoyed a lot of people, but to the majority,
they fell in love with her.  To all those who deliver to our house - Schwan, Culligan,
UPS, Fed Ex.....they all grew to love her and didn't care that she jumped into their vehicles.
They would give her treats and she would love them up with doggie kisses.

That is truly all Sam ever wanted to do - love you.
That was it.
She really couldn't help herself. 
She had to jump all over you and lick you to death.
It was just her.

Right now we are so lost.
Today is day two without her.
I am still in shock and walk around in a daze.
We've had to say good bye to many dogs in our 31 years of marriage,
but saying good bye to Sam has been the hardest.

I've always been a dog person and still remember my first dog, Mulligan.
I don't remember much from when I was young, but I remember my dogs!

We buried Sam by our front porch because she loved to sunbathe and
 stand guard there as well.

We'll be planting a special flower garden where she's buried.

Her personality was one of a kind.

She and Sadie quickly became best friends.

Sadie is just as lost as we are right now.

Sam was the best spooner I know. 
It's hard to fall asleep at night without having her right by our side.
I'll share a little secret.
I kept Sam's favorite toy.  An 'unstuffed' lion.
We would play tug-of-war every night with it.
But it's ears are as soft as Sam's were.
Every night when Sam would snuggle in,
I would rub her soft ears, kind of like a little kid rubbing the soft edges
of a silky blanket.
So calming, it made you fall gently to sleep.
Now I rub the ears of the lion,
because the pain in my heart is so deep,
I need the calming feeling of the soft ears to bring me enough comfort
to fall asleep.

She was also fun to dress up, like the photo below of the sundress her Aunt Sarah picked out for her.

My friend and I were discussing at work yesterday,
what the lesson was to learn from all of this.
Having Sam such a short time, there has to be something.
And really, I think the lesson is to just be happy and run and jump.
Live life to the fullest and don't take one moment for granted.
Sam was like a little person.
So unique and just loved life and people.
Her heart was always open.
 She loved with her whole heart, unconditionally,
That's what she did.

So when it's my turn to leave this earth and make my way to Heaven, this is what I hope I see waiting for me

You were so loved Sammy.
My little Stinky Winkerbean.
Until later my Sweet Sam.....