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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ode to Kate Spain

Better late than never 
as they say.

Remember this post here
when I won a box full of goodies
from Kate Spain herself?

I mentioned that I had a little something planned to
pay homage to one of my top five hero's in the world of fabric design.

I finally got it done.

Once again,
refurbishing old frames my hubby purchased at an auction

I did a little spray painting
and made my collage of Terrain along with Kate's autograph.

I now have it hanging 
(quite proudly, I might add)
above my cutting table in my sewing room.  

And just so you don't miss it,
here's a close up of the autograph.

(don't be a hater)
Yeah...I saved the envelope this whole time.
I knew I would get to it! 

To add to this yummy goodness,
I bought an old candelabra from my favorite little store in town.
(Toni's Treasure' weekly Saturday hangout!)

I took my friend, Amie's, suggestion and turned it upside down and added some bling.
(this just makes my sister's stomach turn)
hee hee
Now it looks like this:

Does this just rock your socks, or what?
(and please forgive the poor quality of my pictures.  I took them at 9:00 tonight
because I was TOO excited and HAD to share this with you ASAP!)

This wall of inspiration is a work in process.

Some of the things I've made with the gold mine of Terrain scraps I received are:

I have had so much fun with this.
There's still a lot left to do!

So once again,

(oh yeah...I'm not even remotely close to a being borderline stalker....)

I have more to post this weekend!!
I didn't want to overwhelm you in one post,
so more to come tomorrow!!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Auction Remake

What do you do when your hubby brings home something like this from an auction?

not that it isn't just down right pretty....
let's just say
it's really not my taste. take this:

and turn it into this!

A new chalkboard for my kitchen!

I changed the pink can of spray paint to gray for the frame.

The picture was just a piece of card board,
but the chalkboard spray paint worked perfectly on it!

It now hangs proudly in my kitchen showing the menu,
or a special message for my family.

What other kinds of creative ideas do you have for changing this lovely picture into your own work of art?