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Friday, November 25, 2011

Favorite Things Friday with Quilting in my Pyjamas

I'm participating!
If you have not been to Shay's blog,
I highly suggest you take a peak.
You are guarenteed a good laugh.
I love this gal!

So I'm finally participating in Shay's
Favourite Things Friday
linky party.

I actually have two things that are my favorite this week.
(besides being with my family for Thanksgiving, which was the bomb!)
Thanks, Mom!

First, this awesome pin cushion I made
using the beautiful scraps I received from
When she left for market, being the most amazingly thoughtful person she is,
she left us with a tutorial to work on while she was away.

I love this!

Next, we are trying save energy costs.  With the cost of gas being
so high, we invested in a pellet burner.
Our furnace has not kicked on once since we've installed this beauty.

This picture was taken right after it was installed,
so we hadn't cleaned anything up around the stove yet.
And the dogs made a home in front of it right away.
I love those furry little snuggle butts!
Our cat loves it too,
but as I've mentioned in a prior post,
she does not like any other animal,
so it's rare that she'll share a picture with the dogs.

I hope you find a lot of favorite things for your Friday!



Larri said...

Love your pincushion and love your stove! Great favourites! We're looking at purchasing a wood stove this year. Thankfully, it hasn't been too cold in the South just yet. Happy Friday! ☺

Cindy said...

Look at your happy pups! That's so cute!

Shay said...

Love that pin cushion. Those fabrics are sweet and I love the cross stitch embellishment.

Wood heaters are pretty big here. There's nothing like real flame to warm you!

Animals will always find the warmest and most comfortable spot in the house. They're heat hogs!

Kate said...

Very cute cushion and cute puppies.

thea said...

Love the picture with the dogs. looks so warm and cozy. and such a cute pincushion. Two nice favorites!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Gorgeous pin cushion, love the cross stitch in the middle. We have a wood fire and it heats up the whole house....Brilliant!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Love your pin sweet. Those fires are great we have one too and our old dog used to lie in front of it so close he used to be panting from the heat. I love your furry family.