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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Miss Warm Weather!

I received my seed catalogs in the mail yesterday, so now I'm gearing up to plan our garden (Sarah - are you reading this?).  I'm so excited for spring that I thought I would post some pictures of my flowers from earlier this year.  I know I have a few more months left until I see green grass again, but in the meantime, I will just keep dreaming!  LOL

Monday, December 28, 2009

"Blame is a bind - pure and simple, it ties you up. As long as you blame, you effectively rob yourself of your own empowerment."

So I've signed up for Twitter and have found a lot of great motivational people to follow.  The quote above is one from Zig Ziglar.  I can't tell you how many times I have given up my power because it's easier to blame someone else, or a circumstance.  One of the reasons I started a blog was to help keep my thinking on the more positive side of life.  I was on facebook, however, I found that to be rather depressing with how easy it was for everyone to share the misery and drama, which is fine if that helps them find their path to a better life.  I'm just not into that, so I figured it would be safe to start a blog and find others with the same interest.  I think it's easier to control what I read this way.  LOL

Anyway, I started Weight Watchers in July.  I should have lost quite a bit of weight by now, right?  Well guess what?  I haven't.  I started out doing really well, as I always do, but then I let blame take over and lost my power.  When I read this quote, it hit me.  I need to stop blaming period.  I need to look at the situation, take it for what it is, own what is mine, and leave the rest.  Now typing this, it sure sounds easy, but it's not.  I have to own the fact that it's going to take time and acknowledgment to get my own life back.  I've let too many people and situations take control - that is my bad habit.  How do you fix a bad habit?  Replace it with a good one.  What do they say?  It takes 21 days to start  a new habit?  I better get started!  :o)

I will work on more positive things.  I will work on changing my mindset when the 'stinkin thinkin' comes creeping in.  After all, we are what we think.   A lot of times, my issue for blaming is because I didn't stand up for myself.  I honestly have a hard time with that.  It's then that the insanity starts.  I didn't speak up, so I give that person power, because I start blaming them.  The fact is, I didn't have the guts to change the direction of the conversation. 

So my first step this week is to change the direction of my thinking when any negativity starts creeping in.  I hope I catch myself before I've gone too far into thought!  LOL 

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!  Today always makes me think back to the good 'ol days.  I miss going to my grandma and grandpa's house with all of my aunts,  uncles and cousins.  I have such great memories of those times!!  I have to say I believe I have the most awesome extended family!!  There were a total of  7 sisters and 3 brothers on my mom's side.  All of my cousins are like my brothers and sisters.  I feel absolutely blessed at how close we all are.  My dad's side is just as awesome, but we just don't seem to get together as much.

When we would go my my mom's side, we would eat a huge meal (grandma's dining room table, which she's sitting at in the picture, is now in my home, so as I type this I look at it and have all those warm, wonderful memories come flooding back), sing songs and one lucky winner got to dress up as Santa and distribute presents.  The kids usually were gifted a coloring book, crayons, candy, etc.  It was great.

The pictures above are some of my favorite memories.  The picture with my grandpa is how we all remember him - playing the fiddle and a might fine fiddle player was he!  He always played with such passion.  While he played my grandma, Aunt Lucy, or Aunt Jane would play the piano and Uncle Joe would play the guitar.  When they started playing, "Here Comes Santa Claus", you knew who was on their way!  The Santa in the picture is my brother...many, many years ago!  And of course, the little boys with Santa's cookies are my sons.  They are now 20 and 22.  I miss those days when they were small!!  But I couldn't ask for two better young men then the one's they have turned out to be.

I wish you all a very blessed Christmas.  This season really isn't about the presents, the tree, the decorations, or making your house look perfect.  It's about sharing the love in your heart, as the gift God gave us.  "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."  Luke 2:11.  Fill your day(s) with random acts of kindness and keep paying it forward.  We are ALL blessed!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Can't Believe it's Two Days Before Christmas!!

So here we are, December 23rd, and I don't even have my tree decorated. I have to tell you that after church on Sunday, when, in the sermon, he mentioned that Christmas isn't about the tree, the decorations, the presents...that sure relieved a ton of stress! LOL I have my gifts all bought, but not wrapped. That's about it! The really cool thing is that I'm not bummed out...I'm just busy. We've had a year full of ups and downs, but with all the struggles and road blocks thrown our direction, we still choose to rise above. We continue to keep faith that God has a great plan in store for us. When you look at it that way, how can it be anything but exciting?? I refuse to give in to the pettiness going on in the world today. I know there's bad stuff going on out there, but I don't have to dwell in it. Think about it...if everyone out there spent 1/4 of the effort in making a difference than they do worrying about what some else is doing, or what someone else has, what kind of a world would this be? If they turned toward love instead of hate. If they turned towards being happy for someone's good fortune instead of being jealous. If they chose to make a difference instead of going along with the crowd...wouldn't this just be a fabulous place? Well that's my goal to keep me going. Like Michael Jackson's song...I'm starting with the man (woman) in the mirror... I'm not perfect. I'm nothing special. But I can make a difference. Care to join me?