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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Belated Halloween!
I know I'm late.
No excuse other than life.

So as I mentioned in a previous post, 
I invited some of my friends and family
to come over for trick-or-treat.
I had two families take me up on my offer,
so I was THRILLED! 
I gave each of their little goblins
one of the pennie pockets, also shown in a 
previous post,
filled with goodies.
Here are pictures of the little cutie pies that came to visit us.

Our sweet little niece, Cami.
(I just love this little gal)

And our special friends, Julie & Jared brought their beautiful girls.

How cute are all these little sweetie pies??  

Having all these sweet little trick-or-treaters just made my day!

And here are Maddy & Kayla showing their true colors. LOL
(Julie....forgive me if I spelled their names wrong!!)

These crazy girls want to come spend the night with me.
How fun would that be? 
After the holidays, I'm going to get something in the works.
My sister wants to join us too,
so we'll make it a fun, crafty, 'chic' night.
It will be great!

I also went to a Halloween party and brought 
some pretty gross (but tasty!) snacks.
My 'puking pumpkin'.

So don't mind the poor drawing on what I 'thought' was a pumpkin.
It must have truly been a gourd of some sort.
No matter how hard I tried to get the knife in the darn thing to carve it
there was no budging with this monster!
So I had to go with my 'art' work,
and pound some Saran wrap on buy using very thin pins,
in order to get its 'puke' on
so to speak.
(which was actually the recipe off the back of Knorr's dry vegetable soup mix)

I also brought some severed fingers that I found laying around on the road.
The recipe is from the most awesome Rachel Ray.

If you would like to try your 'hand' at these, you can find the recipe

And I can't leave you without this hilarious picture of my dad,
the 'wanna be Village People Person'
I swear I almost peed my pants when I pulled up.
I actually think he's trying to be some type of Harley guy,
but the Village People is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw him.

For those that celebrate, I hope you all had a great Halloween!
Mine was the bomb!

Make sure to check in tomorrow.
I'll have a post showing my latest project
along with a surprise package I got from my new
English friend who lives in Scotland, Linda.
And there might be a special announcement of what is going to 
happen next week too.



Melissa P said...

It looks like everyone had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Cindy ... where's a picture of you in your costume? :-)

Laura said...

Ewwww!!!! Gross! Looks amazing well done!