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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

May this Christmas season
bring you all the love and happiness
the world has to offer!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In Goodies

So I FINALLY got some Christmas sewing done.
I was so happy that another
was taking place in December.
It gives me a great excuse to
'get my sew on'.

I was able to complete one Christmas gift.

This great purse by Melissa of 100 Billion Stars.
You can find the pattern here.
I seriously love making this bag.
I hope Melissa never gets tired of my bragging her up.
But she is just so inspring.

The little pouch is a pattern by Atkinson Designs
called Cash and Carry.
Remember back when when I was going to rate
projects by the number of chocolates I either ate,
or wanted to eat?
Okay...if Iwould have had
 a bag of chocolates in my sewing room,
they would be
No lie.
I broke 2 needles putting the zipper in that little pouch.
And the funny thing is,
I have made this bag a couple times before.
I had a zipper brainfart.

Here's another close up of the bag,
just because I love it.

And another......

And if you're looking closely,
yes, that is a button of Rudy Giuliani
on the shelf.
Even autographed.
That's all I'll say about that.
I'll just keep y'all guessing.

I did make this pillow too,
though not during the Friday Night Sew-In.
I made it to sell at the local craft store.

The total Diva pillow.
Just like the creator.......
No comments please.

So that was my Friday night.
You know, when I was younger,
I would have never, EVER pictured myself
sitting home on a Friday night playing with fabric.
I had too many people to see and too many parties to go to!
Where is that girl?
Safe with her sewing machine...
and very grateful.

Until the next adventure,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's That Time of Year

I didn't get as much sewing time as I wanted last night.
The men of the house were getting ready for their big hunting weekend.
Which means they need me to help organize
and keep them on track.

But I did manage to get these few things done.

My husband has been hounding me for a pair of slippers
since his last pair acquired a nice sized hole in the bottom.
So I made him a pair for Christmas.
But ya wanna hear something funny?
I bought extra yarn and kept it in the back seat of my car.
He thinks I haven't even started them yet.
And the yarn will stay in the back seat of my car
until after Christmas.
He needs to learn a lesson,
don't you think?

So...this morning we did our annual tradition.
It's deer season.
Yes, I dispise this time of year.
I am an animal lover.
I could go on for ever and ever,
but I won't.
Anyhoo....the tradition is for all to
come to our house for breakfast.
I get up at 4:00 AM
(which is another reason I couldn't sew as long as I wanted)
to prepare breakfast and get their snacks ready for the day.
Need I say more?

So at 5:30 AM
this is what my dining room table was full of.

Yeah...the goofy kid...that's my youngest son, Justin.
Dear Lord...
Did you HAVE to bless me like this?
I love him.

We had a smaller group this year,
which was A-OK by me.
Less people I had to take care of.
(Just kidding...the 'regulars' were very missed this morning)
Jesse sat in the living room,
because I didn't extend the table.

Not sure why he's not smiling for this great picture.
He looks a bit crabby, doesn't he?
What the??
And this is Austen,
Justin's good friend since they were babies.

Um...yeah...can ya see why they are still friends 22 years later?
All of this at 5:00 this morning.
This is why I'm so happy all the time.
We always have crazy people hanging out
at our place.
A person just has to join in!

But poor Dusty
(my cousin)
He's praying...
"Please don't take my picture."
Oh no, Dusty,
at 5:00 on a Saturday morning
NO one is safe from the camera at my house.
With the exception of me,
cause that's just the law.

So...I'm praying that they all have a good time today,
but for the love, PLEASE KEEP THE DEER SAFE!!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In

If you haven't signed up yet,
make sure you do!

Friday Night Sew-In
is December 9th.
There's great giveaway's
and who seriously doesn't need to be sewing right now?
I have so many Christmas presents to get done
that I don't know where to start!
So click here to get signed up.
Or you can click the Friday Night Sew-In on my right side bar.
It's so much fun that you won't be able to wait for next month!
See you there! :o)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap

Hello World!
(as Lady Antebellum would say)

I had to share a few photo's of the table runner I received from

Can I just tell you that I was absolutely THRILLED to receive this!

I had my eye on this one from the minute she posted it in our group. 
I even went so far as to send her a private message
telling her how much I loved it
and wanted it to deliver to my house.
I sent the message because, if she wasn't my partner,
I didn't want my 'real' partner to feel bad
because I loved this runner so much.

When the mail came,
I saw the address was from the UK.
My heart sank a bit,
but then I remembered that ALL of the runners
everyone worked on were BEAUTIFUL.
So, I opened it up,
the package was wrapped all pretty,
I was going to read the card before I opened the package,
then the ornaments fell out of the bag,
and the happiness started!!!!
Susan lives in the UK!
All this time, I thought she was from Canada.
I'm a dork!!
(but, honestly, how many times have I admitted that to you)

Her flickr name is canadianabroadSusan.
I thought it was canadianbroadSusan.
See...I missed the a.
Now I will remember to be very careful when reading Flickr names.
Sorry Susan!!

Everything about this runner, and the ornaments, I love.
I am the luckiest girl!

Thank you so much, Susan.
I hope you truly know how beautiful I think all of this is.

Have a great day!