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Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's New!'s been a busy, busy week.
I have my scrappy goodie done for the Scrappy Swap on Flickr.
I've always wanted to make one of those fabric baskets
I've been seeing everyone doing.  Now I know what the buzz is all about!
They are FUN to make.
You can find the free tutorial 
I will be making lots of these.  It was fun just digging through my scrap basket
to put this little bunch of goodness together.
And here it is!

I also made another Anywhere Bag by Melissa of 100 Billion Stars.
LOVE her!
It's OK for me to say that.
She knows.
~Hey Melissa!~
 You can buy her pattern by clicking here
I made it out of pretty basic fabric this time to tone it down from
the skull bag I made previously.
Just depends on my mood as to what the bag will end up like.
And you can do the same!
This is a GREAT bag and I get compliments on the one I carry all the time.
So what are you reading this for?
Work it people!
But seriously,
no pressure.
I just love this bag.
And I get a little overly excited when I love something that much.
Do you feel for my family now?
No wonder my boys hide from me when I walk in the room after not seeing them for a while.

 And my oldest son turned 24 this month.
Can you believe it?
It seems just like yesterday I was holding my brand new 9 lb 15 oz baby boy.
What a great day that was.
Now I have to crank my neck to look up at him.
He's 6'3"
I'm 5'6"
And I am so very proud of the young man he's becoming.

My godson, Matt, is on the left.
He's my cousins oldest son.
Jesse & Matt are best friends
and have been since they were tiny tots.
I love them both dearly.
But boy, when the two of them are together,
they can drive me a bit nuts.
Just sayin...

I hope you find a lot to be grateful for on your list today!

Until the next adventure....
Happy Creating!!


1 comment:

linda said...

love the fabric that you used for the baskets they are great to make !!!also love your bag looks lovely and that it can hold loads :))