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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good Swap Received!

Who had a great day today?
This girl did!

I received my first package in the mail 
Hosted by the bestest person ever,

Here are the goodies I received from
Svetlana.  You can check out her blog 

It's truly a great blog. 
I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful her work is, but I can show you!
Everything from the mugrug to the bag, to the pillow, pins, chocolate and card
were absolutely perfect!
Thank you so very much, Svetlana!!
I love this more than I can ever say!!
And for kicks and giggles, I had to show you what I whipped up last night.
The fabric is called The Ghastlies and you can find it 
I absolutely LOVE it!
The pink and black fabric are by Patrick Lose
(another one of my favorites)

I hope your day brought you lots of great things!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mugrug World Tour

I'm pretty excited.
I was contacted by Laura of Quokka Quilts blog.
She came up with an awesome idea.
That idea is to create a Mugrug World Tour
by posting pictures of mugrugs
representing the area you're from.
So, she asked if I would be interested in doing one
to represent Iowa.


So, I have been busy thinking and drawing
to come up with the best 
representation of Iowa I can.
The designing part is easy.
Making it look like it does in my head
on the fabric will be another issue.
But I will do it! 

If you would like more information on this, just click on the button
on the top right of my sidebar titled, "Mugrug World Tour".
(or just click here )
And if you're interested in participating for your state, or country, etc,
just contact Laura by going to her blog, see her "About Me" on the right 
side bar, click on "View My Complete Profile", then click on her email.
I promise to do us Iowan's proud!

More to come....


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sign-Ups for Upcoming Swaps

How cute is this?  Pretty darn cute, I say!
It's my mosaic for the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap 2011 on Flickr.
There's still time to sign up!
Sign ups close on October 2nd, so click on the link and head on over.
It's another secret swap, so your partner won't know you  have their name.
That makes it SO much fun.

And this mosaic I created is for another swap on Flickr
call the  Scrappy Swap
This swap closes on September 30th,
so click on the link and join! 
For kicks & giggles I had to have a picture of Edward & Bella from Twilight.
Yes...I am a Twilight junkie.
It's also a 'secret' swap.
You won't be disappointed!

So...there you have it.
I gave you a couple of events to participate in.
You never know...
I might be your secret partner!

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anywhere Bag, Goodie Swap 2011 & More!

How the heck have you been?

I have been crazy busy
putting in a lot of hours at the office.
Canning tomatoes.
Canning tomato juice.
Canning salsa.
And today, I'm canning spaghetti sauce.
It was a great year for tomatoes in the Smith house.

BUT... in between all of this,
I still found time to get some sewing in.

Like this amazing bag from my friend, Melissa.
If you are interested in purchasing the pattern for this,
you can find it here 
I can promise that you will love it just as much as I do.
This is the second time I've made this bag.
I think this one would be perfect for a teenage girl.

Here's a close up of the ribbon

And the fabulously lined inside with a pocket to boot!

Thank you for creating such an awesome bag

I am sending the items below to my partners in the Goodie Swap 2011
hosted by the one and only Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting.

Here is the mug rug and goodies I'm sending Partner #1.  I can't show the
front of the rug yet until she receives the package.
This swap has all been a secret, so she doesn't know I'm her partner.
And I want to keep it that way until the package arrives!  :o)

The pattern by Terri is called Cash & Carry.
It's a pattern for 3 different zipper bags.
and the turtle pincushion (which I've posted before) is called Heneritta by Heather Bailey.

And here are all of her goodies wrapped up in a pretty fat quarter!

And for Partner #2

Technically we were to send a mug rug and one goodie (the goodie being something
made by you).  I wanted to give Partner #2 a needle case.
So, I found a tutorial for one and when I wanted to add a little extra on it
(being the decorative stitch around the edges), my needle was skipping some of the flower petals.

So, while shopping with my sister one day, I found this pattern by Terri Atkinson with these cute bags.
I thought they would be handy to have, as you can hold money in the zipped part and put your debit/credit 
cards in the pockets. 
(there's a pocket in the outside front and back)
So that makes me feel better shipping this along with everything else.

So here's Partner #2's 'wrapped in a fat quarter' goodies

I can't WAIT until my partners get their goodies.  I am crossing my fingers that they like them!

Tomorrow I will be posting links to two new swaps I signed up for.
Make sure to stop back and LOOK
Because there is still time for YOU
to join!
And they look to be just as much fun as the Goodie Swap.
And THAT swap was incredibly fun!
It was so much fun that I hope you sign up to the ones
I'm linking tomorrow.

Until tomorrow!