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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Space in Progress & Freckled Whimsy!

New Space in Progress & Freckled Whimsy!

Remember my sweet little sewing room?
This was my favorite space in the whole world.
Take note of the charm pack quilt along
This is an older picture,
cause that top is now sewn together.  LOL

 This is my sewing room now.


 Because I moved all the stuff 
from this space (below)
to my old sewing room,
cause I'm getting a new one!

 Don't let these picture fool you.
Our youngest son left for college last summer.
He's going 3 years all year round.
We had a talk because I wanted
to make sure he was OK with the switch.
(who am I kidding? I wanted to make sure I was OK)
It took me a long time for that conversation.
Cause he's my baby.
And I don't want to see him grow up.
You know what I mean.
I do, but I don't.
But I am so proud of him.

 So, my Mr. Neat Freak left me a mess when 
he moved out.
Yep...sure did.
I didn't touch anything until over the weekend.
And moved all that I could to my 'old' sewing room.
So I can work on my 'new' sewing room.
Now it's all cleaned out and ready
to become a new, creative space.
I could have had everything look all 
neat and tidy.
But then you wouldn't feel that sorry for me.
Because it wouldn't look like I had a lot
of work ahead of me.
I read the sign that's in my dining room
every time I walk by it.
Just to remind myself
I can handle this big task.
So I'll put my big girl panties on
and get my groove going.
Soon, I will have one 
kick-butt space.
And Justin will have a new room 
to snuggle in when he comes home 
to visit.
And I have to give a shout out to my
sweet mommy.
For the last 3 weeks, she has made
my family supper every Thursday.
And I'm not talking like a pizza
or something like that.
I'm talkin cheesey potatoes,
lasagna, meatballs,
round steak, potato salad,
green bean casserole
and dessert
It is has all been DELISH!
Thank you, mom!!!'ll have to check out my Midwest Hottie's blog, KarrieLyne at
She featured one of the ideas
I learned from our last quilting retreat!
Oh Yeah
(Picture the Kool-Aid guy here)
She's the bomb!!
And I also have to give kudos to 
one of my other favorite's,
from 100billionstars.
She's just amazing.

More to come as my room progresses.
So keep checking back!
I also have some new recipes to share.
I'll have those up this weekend.
Please come back for a visit soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Latest Happenings

It's been a great week.
Tuesday night we went to take Justin
out for supper.  He's a broke college student you know.
It was really a great family night
and we are all so proud of him.
Next month when we go visit him
we're going to the Flying Wienie.
You read that right.
I guess they have really good hot dogs.
Pictures will follow after that visit!
Fo sho!

So one of our Christmas gifts from Jesse & Catie
was a home cooked meal.
You just can't beat that!
It was amazing.

They did this for us last year too.
As a matter of fact,
the stuffed pepper recipe
in the recipe tab
is from Catie.
Only her's were WAY better.
She is an outstanding cook.
Jesse is one lucky fella!

Here are a few pictures of them 
preparing our meal, which was
Ham Balls
and the shrimp& bacon appetizer Jesse made...
We are lucky parents!!

And my little babies
just waiting
for something to drop

Until the next adventure
keep lookin up!

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