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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Beautiful Fall Drive

I had a few minutes this morning, so I wanted to share some pictures I took from a day trip my husband and I went on last week.  For October, the weather has been absolutely beautiful!  I'm not going to write a lot, because I want the pictures to tell the story.  Enjoy!

 This house is one of our favorites.  We love older homes and the stories they have.  Our home was built in 1875.  Ooooooo...if these walls could talk!  LOL  Wait...isn't that a show?  :o)
 We couldn't believe the amount of turkey buzzards that were around.  Those things are scary AND ugly!

 So we found this little mom & pop gas station around lunch time.  We were getting hungry after all the hiking.  Their special was spiral ham, scalloped potatoes and cake.  Skeet said, "Now this is a real farmers meal.  Meat, potatoes and no vegetables!".  He's a dork.  But he's my dork.  :o)
This was a beautiful day.
Great day with my hubby.
Beautiful scenery.
Life is good.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm still here!  Oh my goodness...I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted! Life has been so busy lately.  I'm now a college student!  Just part time, because I still work full time, but a student none-the-less!  :o)  That has been a challenge as I haven't been in school for 30 years (no lie).  So, with that said, I haven't had much sewing time, which is rather depressing.  I am giving up one of my other activities - being on our local Fine Arts board.  After our dinner theatre in March, I have resigned.  I  had to choose something to give up since being back in school, so regretfully, I chose to give up the Fine Arts. 

So here's what I've been working on:

This is the most challenging quilt I've done.  It's a block of the month I'm doing at a local quilt shop, so I HAVE to get this done each month, because when we're done, you get a shopping spree of 40% off your entire purchase!!  Now THAT is motivation!

I hope  you all have a great day and I PROMISE to start blogging more.  I'm having a sewing weekend at my house with my cousin, so look for a big post on Sunday!!

xoxoxo to you all!