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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodie Swap Package 2

I received my second mug rug and goodie package 
from Linda.
I love it!
I was hoping I was going to get one of these thread catchers.
And let me tell you,
I started using is ASAP.
It's so much nicer then throwing the threads on the floor and sweeping them up later.

Thank you SO much, Linda for such a thoughtful package.
There was the CUTE cupcake mug rug,
a beautiful fat quarter
two thread catchers,
a needle case,
(thank you!  I needed one!)
and an Ireland calender.
(which I LOVE)
Ireland is on my bucket list
and these pictures make me want to get there FAST!

Did I win the jackpot or what?
I had two wonderful partners to send to, 
along with receiving from 2 amazing partners.
It was the perfect swap.

So, I got to thinking,
"what am I going to do with all of these wonderful swap gifts?"
So I decided to use my sewing room wall
to help display them.
I didn't want to store them away.
I wanted to see them all the time!

So here's to the beginning of a beautiful, growing collection from all over the world.
From the USA I  have Alabama & Illinois covered.
From other countries I now have Denmark, Ireland & Australia.
All this just makes my heart swell.

I have two things coming up this week, so make sure to keep a look out.
I have an awesome new recipe to post

Sure am!
I have been so blessed to win some pretty nice things from other blogger giveaways
that it's time for me to pass it on.

Stay tuned!


Shay said...

Lovely swap goodies Cindy and I love that you have them displayed where you can enjoy them often.

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea to display them that way. Looks wonderful!

Linda Coleman said...

Hi Cindy, any chance you mights swap your lovely clean sewing room with my very messy can't find anything one? So glad you liked the swap goodies. Best Wishes

Cindy said...

Super great idea! I love that they're out there to brighten your space. Well done! x

Melissa P said...

It's like a trophy wall only much, much better. And so much prettier. :)

linda said...

love your goodies cindy we have all been so lucky with our partners !!!
looking forward to your give away .

Rosa-Munda said...

Cindy, Just dropping by to say a huge thank you for the brilliant swap parcel which arrived on Saturday. Will post some photos tomorrow. Ros x