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Friday, May 31, 2013

Samsung RF266ABPN Refrigerator Review - DON'T BUY IT!

I want to share something with you.
We purchased our refrigerator almost 4 years ago.
The last 1-1/2 to 2 years
has been a struggle with it.

Please keep in mind this is my review only
and I'm doing this to help others avoid
something like this is the future.

Isn't this a beauty?

 I will never buy a Samsung product again.

That is correct.

This refrigerator, which is model #RF266ABPN,
had issues that are SAMSUNG's issues.

I know you're wondering if we purchased the warranty
when we purchased the refrigerator
and the answer is, "no".

This does  not excuse the fact that the issues we've had with 
this model are because of Samsung's poor design.

What happens is ice builds up around the fan,
which causes it to quit operating.

We've lost a few thousand dollars worth of food over the past couple years as well.

We've had the Samsung repair people out several times.

The first time they told us is was a faulty part
(you guessed it....designed by Samsung) in the defrost
that wasn't working.

Now here's the good part,
because Samsung knew of this issue
(no recall was done, mind you, it's only if you call with an issue
that the part is replaced),
the part only cost $5.
Oh wait....
it gets even better....
we had to pay $300 to get the $5 part installed.

you read that right.
No need to check your glasses,
or wipe your eyes.

You see, 
if you don't use a Samsung approved technician,
nothing is covered,
so in order to keep the technician's work covered,
you have to use only those who are Samsung approved
(which I can agree with problem).

So they very graciously installed our $5 part,
and the frig worked for a bit,
but lo & behold,
the same exact situation started up again.

The technician came out
and said he noticed some small holes in the tubing.
He thought he fixed it after he sealed the holes.

worked for a bit....
then iced up again.

They came out a third time,
and just couldn't find anything wrong with it.  
So they said it could be an electrical issue
on our end and the polarity is switched around.
He also said maybe we needed to elevate our refrigerator a bit in the front
to allow the water to drain.
He told us if none of this worked,
there wasn't anything more he could do and we would have to
direct any issues right to Samsung.

We had the electrical checked and everything was fine.
We tilted the refrigerator up a bit
and it seemed to not have the problem....
.....until a couple weeks ago.

And the same issue started all over again.

So, we called Samsung,
who said it was an issue between us 
and their 'approved' technician.
I called the technician,
who told us it was Samsung's issue.

So after a rather unpleasant phone call with Samsung, again,
they sent another technician out yesterday.

And guess what?
He found we needed 
to replace the sensor and the thermistor,

And 6 months ago there was nothing that could be done?

So...faulty equipment from Samsung yet again.
But, yeah, we didn't purchase the warranty to cover their poor workmanship.
What the???

So, because this issue took 6 months to happen again,
the technician warranty is no longer valid
and we have to start all over again paying for parts & labor.
(even though it's the exact same issue I've consistently called about)
And I called Samsung again.
They were oh so nice and apologized for having faulty parts,
but there just wasn't anything that they could do for us.
How sweet.

At this point, we won't be getting the repair done.
We are going to buy a new refrigerator.
I promise you it won't be a Samsung,
unless they would like to make this right and offer
us a new refrigerator,
or pay for their faulty workmanship.
But I doubt that,
because the sweet customer service rep
(who  honestly was very nice)
made it quite clear there just wasn't anything Samsung could do for us.

If you are looking for a new refrigerator,
I hope you think twice before purchasing a Samsung.

Between Samsung and their 'approved' technicians,
I won't be doing business with them any time soon.
OK...probably never.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Lessons in Waiting Until the Last Minute

I'm still here!

Life has thrown some pretty tough curve balls these past couple months.
I've been having a very hard time adjusting.
And I'm not good at reaching out
when my heart hurts so badly.
(good golly...I am just not good with people seeing my ugly cry...LOL)

But in light of this,
I did manage to create a few things.
(now doesn't that always put a smile on your face!)

I have to share some lesson's learned in this process.

I signed up for the Sew Sew Modern Swap 2
and again
we had 3 months to get our projects done.
Like the first round,
you are to make a big project and a small one.
They should be something that will really dazzle your partner
(of course!  there is 3 months to get-r-done!)

My partner wanted a sewing machine cover
and the one in  her mosaic is one of my absolute favorites.
and made the cover

I waited until the last minute,
because life was just too crazy and didn't allow me
the time to get it done beforehand.

So here is the finished result:

Now, mind you, I have never worked with linen in such a big scale before.
Just an FYI in case you haven't either,
it pulls and stretches really badly, 
so be careful as you put your project together.

Here are a few close ups for your viewing pleasure:

I've never done piping before and I was very happy with how it came out.

(sorry for the blurry photo!)
There are 60 - 2" squares in this project.
I used all text fabric, as my partner made mention she loved text fabric.

The tape measure twill on the left side of the text squares
Overall I was very happy with how everything came out.
I also made her a pin cushion
and thread catcher.

So great that I had to get the pattern and make one myself!
The pin cushion you can see in the first photo.
Flickr isn't letting me grab my photo to share on that one.

In all honesty,
I could have made time along the line
and not waited until the 11th hour,
but I didn't,
and I paid the price.

So here are my lessons learned:
1.  My partner didn't get my absolute best work.  I tried to make up for it
by making her two small items and sending some Aurifil thread (which we all know isn't cheap!)

2.  I paid the price, as I only got 2 hours of sleep that night (I had to work the next day), so I did not give myself my best either.

3.  My family paid the price for me being locked up in my sewing room the entire day/night.

4.  I cannot expect anyone to give their best, even myself, when things are put off to the last minute.  That is a very unfair expectation to myself and those around me.  I have to remember that the only
person I can be upset with in this situation is myself.

5.  I will revert back to this post the next time I feel I need to put something else ahead of what needs to be done.  Just as a friendly reminder that, no matter what,
procrastination leads to poor planning
and not giving your best to those who deserve it.
But I own this
and will cross my fingers that my partner loves what I made her!

This is my Oprah moment.

xoxo to all!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Apron Swap

Hello out there!

As I mentioned
(I think I did anyway)
I participated in the 
Hosted by these two lovely ladies
Sam who blogs

I have never in my life made an apron,
but I do foresee making more in my future!

I didn't post a picture of the finished apron in the group yet,
because I'm pretty sure my partner will know it's hers.

She's a gal after my own heart.
How do I know?
Because out of the three fabric choices I  gave,
she picked my favorite.
(and no one else that commented picked this one, so 
that's how I know she'll know, etc etc)

Forgive me for not having the name of the fabric!
I can tell you it's from Alexander Henry.

I did a little decorative stitching on the pocket.
(thanks to my new sewing machine, Josie,
my new BFF)

 I talked my son's girlfriend
(whom I love to pieces!)
into modeling the finished product.

I'm really happy with how this turned out.

 I really think Amanda has a new career in modeling.
Don't you?

I also made a matching potholder to go with it.

This was such fun to work on and 
I love someone with a sense of humor.  

The orange fabric is Scribbles by Patrick Lose.
(I adore his fabrics!!)

I bet you're curious to know what I received.

First I have to share a little story.
The shipping deadline was April 30th.
I knew my sister wasn't done with her apron,
so I was getting nervous that she was going to miss the deadline.

Well April 30th came,
and she was sewing away,
sending me teasing picture messages on my phone.
I was LOVING the apron she was making.
But 5:00 rolled around and the post office was closed.
I was bummed for her because she would miss being in the drawing 
for shipping on time.

So she said she would bring the apron to my house when I got home from work 
so I could see it in person.

I opened up the bag and saw this

Now anyone that knows me knows I have a total crush on Gerard Butler.
L.O.V.E. him

I had made mention on the discussion thread in the group
that it would sure be sweet to have a picture of Gerard on my apron
so when I wiped my face, I could kiss him at the same time.

Guess who my secret partner was
shipped on time after all?
my sister.

Check out these goodies.

The entire time I never knew.
And I was feeling bad for her
because neither one of us has ever shipped late for a swap

Don't you love these coasters?

And the tab for my towel?

But my absolute favorite thing
is I have the beautifully  made apron from my sister,
and I can kiss Gerard any time I want.