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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sisters Sewing Weekend Update

Yes...we are tired.
Our cousin Mary stopped by.
She was the first to fall asleep.
This is what happens
when you don't drink your
5 hour energy drink
when you're with Sarah & I.

So we had to do our own
little comedy show
while Mary took a Snooze.

And I'm pretty excited
that I figured out
how to use the video on my camera.

So whenever you are ready
to come hang with my sister and I
(PS...I'm the cute one....LOL)
Come on over!
But make sure you have plenty
of sleep before you stop by.
Who knows what will happen next!



Shay said...

You're both dags (and I mean that as a compliment )

That video looks like something my sister and I would do . By the way I was shocked that you both spoke with American accents. Duh!

Waving at Sarah.

Sarah said...

This weekend was great! We had so much fun...I can't wait until we do it next month!! Waving back at you, Shay!! BTW.... what is a dag??? LOL

linda said...

hello to you both cant beleive it "fun and cute" together ,great to see you both...........also your cousin :))