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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In and Mouthy Stitches Swap!

Well hey there!
What are you doing Friday night?
Wanna hang out?
Wanna sew with me?
If sew (lol), then head on over to
and sign up for:
Handmade by Heidi

It's a lot of fun
and there's also always a giveaway.
Who can pass that up?
Heck, the prize for me is just being able
to have an excuse to
"get my sew on".

Also, though sign ups are now closed,
I am in another swap,
Mouthy Stitches,
however, I don't have my partner
assigned to me yet.
(God help the person who gets me!)

Here's my little mosaic of goodies:

We'll be swaping a pouch and a fat quarters worth of scraps.
How fun is that?

And the baby in the mosaic?
Well...that's just for cutnes.
I always like to put one picture
just for fun
in my mosaics.

Hope you have a happy Tuesday!


Shay said...

I have zipophobia so I passed on Susan's swap. (If I could have been guaranteed to get you again as a swap partner I would have been in like a shot !)

Linda Coleman said...

Hi Cindy
I'm in the Mouthy swap also, the last goodie swap was so much fun. Maybe I'll get you again.

linda said...

looking forward to getting our partener info this weekend !!
i have to blog but just to tell you i lost 1 3/4 lb this week !! would have liked the full 2lb but hey a loss is a loss ,what are you sewing tonight !!!