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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Wishing all of you much happiness and success in 2012.
Leave the past behind.
It doesn't have to go with you.
Take what you like and leave the rest.

Looking forward to all the adventures the new year has to offer.
Tune in tomorrow.
I have something new in store for my blog.
You are welcome to join me,
follow my progress,
or ignore it.
Any choice you make is fine!

I so appreciate all the new 'virtual' friends I've made in 2011.
Each of you have touched my life in a special way.
To my entire family, I love you all dearly
and I am so blessed to have the family I do.
To my 'real life' friends,
I couldn't live my life without you.

Thank you all.
I appreciate every single thing about you.

Much love & happiness.


Shay said...

Happy New Year Cindy. Your enthusiasm for life is infectious.I love visiting and seeing what you;re up to.

Love and best wishes my bloggy friend.

Melissa P said...

Happy New Year, my virtual friend. Many wonderful things ahead in 2012. I can feel it!

linda said...

happy new years cindy x x x hope 2012 is wonderful for you:))