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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kate Spain - I LOVE YOU!!

I came home from work yesterday
Stopped at the end of the lane
to get the mail out of the mail box.
Inside was a HUGE package.
I mean HUGE!
Like it just ate way too 
many chocolates and was about
ready to explode
(kind of how I feel after eating 20 chocolates working on a stressful project)

But this package was a whole lotta 
nice chubbiness.
Kind of like me.  :o)

It was my bag full of
yummy goodness!!
My giveaway prize from 

I haven't received the book yet
(It's coming from the author)
But when it gets here
I am ready to rock & roll
my way thru the patterns & recipes!!

Terrain comes out in September.
I cannot WAIT!
I am beyond thrilled having this in my sewing room right now!
Is it not one of the most beautiful creations E.V.E.R.?
I'm excited to post projects from the book I'll be making using this
most amazing fabric!

AND...I have a little plan to pay homage
to one of my hero's, Kate.
Cause she autographed my envelope.

I have a little cutie idea planned for this.
I know...I am a dork.
But I stand proud!

So thank you SO much, Kate!
You honestly have no idea how happy you made me!!



Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

looks like a pure pile of joy!

Shay said...

How wonderfully exciting that you already have something that the rest of us are still going to have to covet for a few months.

I have visions of you rolling around in amongst this lovely pile of lusciousness while you think creatively!

Melissa P said...

This is truly exciting stuff! What a wonderful addition to your summer sewing. I can't wait to see what you make!

Anonymous said...

I would be jumping up and down too!! I know you will be doing something super cute!!

FabricFascination said...

How exciting Cindy! I love her new line. Been thinking of getting some.

Wendy said...

You lucky girl! How exciting.......

Laura said...

Oh you are so lucky!!!!