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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun with Picnik

So I've been having lots of fun with a
website (Picnik) suggested by SewHappyGeek.
It's great! 
Now I can mark all of my photos.

Remember my pictures of the 2011 blizzard?
This one of our lane is showing 
all the snow that made it impossible 
for us to get any vehicle out to escape.

Well, here it is today.

I still can't get over how much snow we had.
And to think it was just a few months ago!
I am really loving the green,
even though it was 93 degrees today.
I am happy I can get in my car and leave if I choose,
rather than being held hostage by a gazillion snowflakes! 

And my little bird sanctuary
that I look at every day out of my 
kitchen window.

Here it is today.
All fresh with flowers, 
clean water for the birds
and feeders that I just filled yesterday.
The little piglets!

And my sweet friend, Brenda, made me 
this love canvas flower pot.  She said the pattern is free on JoAnn's
website.  I need to search for it,
because it is so cute!
She purchased the canvas at
JoAnn's as well.



Brooke said...

Beautiful photos! And your new Kate Spain fabric has me drooling. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That is super cool!! I need to go take a look at that site.

Wendy said...

Your photos are beautiful! I could not imagine living where it snowed like that!