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Sunday, June 19, 2011


So I was messing around with some pictures
I had on my computer.
I found this one when I was younger
(I'm on the left)
with my mom, sister and ornery brother.
He's a redhead.'s true what they say about redheads.
But he's the best brother I could ever ask for.
And you all know how I feel about my sister,
or rather, how she feels about me,
because you'll see the picture of the two of us on my side bar towards the bottom.
I love her.
And my mom may be mad because I posted a  picture of her on here again.
But I think she's beautiful.
And I love her.
A lot.

So here we are today.

We grew up to be pretty great people.
And we all grew up together.
For crying out loud,
my mom was only 10 in the first picture.
(she's gonna kill me when she reads this)

But I think I have the best family a girl could ask for.
Now I have to get pictures of my husband and sons.
Cause they are super handsome
I know y'all will drool.  

But while I'm on the subject of family
here is one of my most favorite pictures

It's my Grandma & Grandpa.
My mom's parents.
I miss them every single day.

I hope  you all have family
you can hug and love.
Cause that's what life is all about.
If not, you are welcome to be family with us.
We're just kind of like that.
We welcome anyone who wants to be
as crazy and fun as we are.

Now remember...nobody is perfect.
No family comes without trials and tribulations.
But at the end of the day,
they are who they are
and you are who you are.
So embrace them.
Love them.
And share all the goodness you can.
That's the start of what makes the world a better place.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

absolutly your mom is gorgeous!!!!! I get told all the time I look just like her! :o)
& yes maam, they were the very best of grandparents & i miss em too. come to think of it, you do have a wonderful family & yes ladies, you will drool when you see her guys....I know the barber that keeps em handsome!!lolol
have a dandy day Priss, I love you.