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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I enjoy working in my flowers.
I thought I would share a few of them with you.
I especially love looking around the farm to see what kinds of things I can
use for landscaping.  I also like going to garage sales 
to look for different containers to put flowers in,
or to display a birdhouse like the one below.
I purchased the chair at a garage sale a few years ago
and gave it a new coat of paint to brighten it up.
What do you think?

My lilies are just about ready to bloom.  They are going
to be beautiful this year!
The barn door is from our barn.
It's day as a barn door is long gone,
but it sure looks lovely with a little painted sign,
a birdhouse and some grapevine!

Below is a fence that was hanging in the old hog barn.
This is what's behind the blue chair & barn door.
My husband took it down for me and we set
it up here to put in a new flower bed.
My mom gave me her hostas that she no longer wanted.
Of course, I had the perfect place for them!
I think they look beautiful!

More to come, but I thought I would
give you a brief tour of what I've been up to.
It's never a dull moment!

Enjoy your day!


Melissa P said...

I can't wait for pictures of those lilies when they open. They are going to be spectacular!

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Hi Cindy! Found your blog thru Rachel's QAL on flickr.

Your garden is lovely and the lilies are going to be gorgeous!

Have fun quilting!

Amy Friend said...

I enjoyed your pictures! Thanks for linking up. I can never pass up a chair either. They always look good painted!

Cathy said...


Wendys Hat said...

Love the chair. Love the birdhouse. Beautiful flowers!

Catherine said...

Oh yes those lilies are going to be beautiful when they're fully out and I love the colour of the chair you painted. Just popped over from Amy's Bloggers garden tour :)