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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

Are y'all on Pinterest?

Are you one of "those" people
who pin
and pin
and pin
and tell yourself
"Some day I am going to do this"?

I am one of those people.
But "some day" happened
and I made this 
cupcake recipe.

Since I haven't shared a recipe for a while,
I thought I would share
this yummy one.

You can find the recipe 
on Annie's Eats blog.
(she has a lot of great recipes, so I highly recommend you go check her out!)

I can be a little odd sometimes,
but I loved the part of the recipe where you had to
mix the flour with the blueberries
(FYI - the blueberries I used where one's I bought fresh on sale last year and froze)

This recipe is the PERFECT balance.
Not too sweet.
Not too tart.
Just perfect.

And don't EVEN get me started on the frosting.
my mouth is watering right now!

I've made them several times
and have never had a bad comment.

Mine don't look quite as pretty as hers.
I don't have a cake decorating kit,
so I put the frosting in a baggie and slightly cut the corner.

The taste was still as flavorful,
no matter how they were decorated.

Out of the hundreds of pins I've done,
this is only the second item I've tried.
I do think I have caught the bug, however,
and am ready to try more.

If you'd like to view my boards
and get some inspiration,
you can click

And if you don't do the whole Pinterest thing
and would like to,
just let me know.
I can send you an invite!
I'd love to share my addiction with you!

If you already are an active pinner,
have you tried anything?
Let me know!



Cindy Sharp said...

They look deliscious.

Shay said...

I make a lot of stuff I pin on Pinterest. Some recipes I discard and some are definite keepers.

Your cupcakes look wonderful. If I hadn't used all my blueberries to make pie on Sunday I'd be in the kitchen right now making those cupcakes.


Your cupcakes look delicious, I am a Pinterest pinned too! A yet I have not tried any recipes, maybe I should.

Amy DeCesare said...

Yes, I AM one of those Pinterest people, too! I have to say I've gotten a few really great ideas from Pinterest that have actually turned out nice, especially recipes and quilt stuff. I am now following almost all of your Pinterest boards, too - you are really a great pinner! I'm trying this recipe as soon as the blueberries are available in my stores.

Mama Pea said...

Those look really good! And I think they are quite pretty!

I don't think I'm following you on Pinterest. I will get right on that!