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Monday, January 7, 2013

Pin Cushions, Sachet & More!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth,
I promise!

I did manage to get  a few 
small sewing projects in these past couple weeks.

I little while ago,
I won a giveaway from my friend, Stephanie, of 
She shared some lavender
and fabric to make this cute little sachet.

I have it in my 'special' drawer.  :)
It makes me smile every time I open the drawer.

My sister and I have a very good friend
who has a daughter we love to death!

They thought it would be fun to do an ornament exchange.
I had Emma 
(our friend's daughter),
so it wasn't hard for me to come up with an ornament for her.
I looked through my stash and fussy cut a piece
from Simple Life by Tasha Noel
and took some embellishments 
and a pretty aqua fabric and made this

The four bells represent each of us 'girls'.
Here's a little close up for you.

I stamped her name on it,
in case she ever forgets what it is.
(you know how it is when you get older)

I got the idea for the ornament 
from some Zakka pin cushions I made
using linen and Penelope by Holly Holderman
(I am so in love with this fabric!)

I used crushed walnut shells to fill
the pin cushions.
I love those so much better then 
the stuffing you purchase in bags.
They have a much better feel to them.

Here's another look from the other side.

And I'll be dipped,
but I made another Anita Vacation Tote
(like the one in the picture in my blog heading).
I'll post pictures of that later this week,

I didn't want to overload you on all this crafty eye candy.

So there wasn't much sewing these past few weeks,
but it was something.

Sometimes those quick little projects are all it takes
to keep a smile on my face and the hair in my head.
(you KNOW what stress can do to a person's hair!)
More to come later in the week!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Linda Coleman said...

love the pincushions Cindy

Samantha said...

Wow, you have been busy!!

Melissa P said...

So many little cute things! You've been so busy.

linda said...

Glad you are still about !!!...............i feel like i have dropped off the edge of the world at the moment :)) though i did do a little sewing over the weekend i am gtoing to blog and get the photos up for you to see lots of hugs.

your sewing is gorgeous love the bag and your ornaments

legato1958 said...

Adorable pincushions!! I like using those walnut shells to fill them, also. Love your special little touches!!


Amy DeCesare said...

Wow...I love what you've been up to! Everything you've shown is lovely, and especially those pincushions and the ornament!!! Cannot WAIT to see your new Anita Vacation Tote...I'm making myself one, too!

Mama Pea said...

Well, I really love all your projects. You are just so great at putting together fabrics and embellishments. I am glad you like your sachet! I love how you offset the button. I never would have thought to do that, and that's just perfect with how the design on the fabric is offset. Great job!

Marg said...

i love all your projects, and i think you have been busy too even though they are small projects.

Shay said...

That ornament is so cute Cindy ! Why do I never think of doing things like that until Christmas is well and truly over? The pin cushions are brilliant too. (Like I need more ideas for projects ?)

Sometimes I find those quick and easy projects give your motivation a real boost in the right direction.

Kay said...

Fabulous sewing. I especially love the gorgeous pincushions with such pretty fabric. I like quick projects too, sometimes it is just good to start and finish something all in one go.