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Friday, March 29, 2013

Introducing Josie

Sorry it's been a while.
I've been working on cleaning my sewing room.

As embarrassed as I am to show you this,
I can't lie.

Here's a sneak peak before I got started

That was just part of the room.  
I'm too ashamed to show you the rest!

I can't hardly believe this is the same room now

I had to make my room
presentable for my new little girl.

As you know,
I have two sons.
Each time I was pregnant (over 20 years ago!)
we had a girl's name picked out.
Josephine Elizabeth.
Little Miss Josie Smith.
How cute, eh?


I now have my girl
(and she doesn't mouth back)

I did it.

Thanks to my amazing blogger friend, Elaine,
(I purchased her machine)
Josie Janome arrived on my doorsteph
on Monday.

Of course,
a gal always like to show her backside

Yep...she is the bomb.
The cat's meow.
My dream come true.

It was sure funny how everything worked out,
but as Elaine said,
I was meant to have this machine..

She wasn't lying.

And I have to make a disclaimer,
that never, ever
would I trade my handsome sons.
There's something to be said about being the 
only female in the house.
And they both are so good to me.
(But I believe it's because they know what they've put me through!)

I'm excited to share all the projects my girl and I will create.

Thank you so much again, Elaine!
I promise to take care of her!



Melissa P said...

Wow! So exciting! I'm sure you're dying to make things on this beauty.

As for your "mess", honey, that ain't nothin'! Looks perfectly clean and organized by my standards. :)

Happy sewing!

legato1958 said...

Yay!! So happy to meet your Josie!
She looks awesome. And I am in love with your sewing room!! I love your blue, and all the things you've made with the reds and whites! It is so cheerful in there!! No wonder you sing while you quilt!! Lalalalalaaaaa!

Can't wait to see what you and Josie make together!
(Will you use your other machine as a backup now?)

Cindy Sharp said...

Congratulations. Maybe you and Josie can sew some little girl things someday. It could happen.

Amy DeCesare said...

Welcome, baby Josie! She is just adorable, and no wonder you love her already. {I have two boys, too!}


Mess!!! what mess, thats nothing, and you should know having two boys what a mess really looks like!! and yeah I know exactly what it feels like to be the only female in the house! (mum of 2 boys speaking here)glad you are now in great FEMALE company, enjoy and I cannot wait to see what you make next,Sam

Marg said...

You call that a mess? I'm never inviting you to my house!!!! You have such pretty things on your table, what a lovely place to sew.
Wow how fantastic you have your new baby Josie. You will love her.

Linda Coleman said...

Congrats Cindy on the arrival of your wonderful "sewing" baby. Can't wait to see what wonderful creations you make with her. I know that you will have many sleepless nights just sitting up with her!!! Enjoy. If you think your sewing area was messy you ain't seen nothing until you try to crawl into my sewing area.

Elaine said...

Aww, this post makes me so happy! I'm so glad that she is yours and that you named her. I was going to ask but didn't know if you are the naming type of gal! And now we need to make some mosaics!!! xoxo.

Mama Pea said...

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!! You will not believe this. My Janome is named Josephine! I bought it when my mom inherited some money when my great aunt Josephine passed away. Mom gave the money to us kids. I said I was going to splurge and buy a good sewing machine. My mom said, "You should do that. Buy yourself something you would never otherwise buy yourself." So, I call my machine Aunt Jo. She was a wonderful great aunt. She lived in Churdan, Iowa. I tell you, we were meant to meet!

Oh, and your sewing room a pit is mine on a good, clean day!

AJ said...

Enjoy - I LOVE my janome! I also have two boys - but with 5 sisters (yes - 6 girls growing up!) I love my boys.