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Monday, March 4, 2013

Just a Bunch of Fun Stuff

I tried to blog yesterday, but my internet was giving me a bit of grief.

I'm sharing a few updates on
some projects and a swap I participated in.

First up is the tabletop I finished.
I used Melissa's tutorial found

This is now sitting on our conference table at work.
This way I get to see a little bit of quilty love during the day.

Of course, in the center of it sits a candy dish.
What office isn't complete without a candy dish?

Next is the goodie I received in the mail from the Sew Sew Modern swap.
I had a sewing machine cover on my list,
and that's what I got!
And I REALLY needed one.

And I also received some awesome gnome fabric
(Love Happy Zombie!)
a a pin cushion, zipper and more pretty fabric.
Did I make out or what?
Thank you again, Krista!

For this same swap a call came out for angels.
So I volunteered.
This partner needed grocery bags
as their local market was going to start banning 
plastic bags
(good for them!)

She had the Jane Market Bag
in her mosaic,
so I made her one.

I love this bag and think I just may make a couple for myself.
And of course you can never go wrong using Flea Market Fancy in any of your projects!

For this Sew Modern swap your project was to be pretty amazing
(we originally had 3 months to create something)
but since I had to rush to get mine done so my angel partner didn't have to wait long,
I thought I better make her two bags,
just so she would know she was being taken care of properly.

So I made her my favorite grocery bag from Michelle Patterns.
I used Seed Catalog fabric purchased from sewmeasong on Esty.
You can find it
(by the way...if you want great, fun fabric, I highly recommend this shop!)

I received a very nice email when she received her package,
so that made my day!

Here's to more creative days!


Melissa P said...

I love how your table topper turned out! And the fact that it sits at work with a candy dish...well, that's just amazing. :)

And all the giving and receiving goodies are wonderful.

Have a good week!

Deborah said...

Such beautiful creations. I love your table topper and now I want to make a new shopping bag!

Shay said...

Love the texty fabric surrounded by such beautiful colour. You did a brilliant job!

I see you’ve been incredibly busy with your making stuff mojo!

Mama Pea said...

I love the bag in that Flea market Fancy fabric...Just wonderful!