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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes - March Goal

I'm excited to be blogging a little more this month.
I  needed to get signed up for the next project for
I am still in shock that it's March already.
I cannot let this year get away from me yet again!
Guess it's time for me to grab my lasso,
hop on my horse,
and pull the reigns on the year
to slow it down a bit.
I have control like that.
So my project for this month is to start and finish
the 4 blocks assigned so far for the BOM I signed up for
It's a foundation paper piece block of the month
(and for those of you not familiar with BOM,
BOM = Block Of the Month).
I need a lot of practice with paper piecing,
which is why I signed up for this,
which is why I haven't started it.
It's called Lucky Stars.
You can read about it
So, there ya go.
My goal.
My project.
My out on a limb,
make me grow
kinda thingy.
Wish me luck
and wish that I keep all the hair in my head
and the chocolate out of my mouth.


Linda Coleman said...

Cindy, I signed up for this bom as well but haven't managed to get any of the blocks made yet

Melissa P said...

Good luck! You can do this. And those blocks are going to look great!

FiberOfAllSorts said...

I love goals like this. . 4 blocks. . totally attainable! Good Luck with your goal.

Thanks for linking up!

Shay said...

You can do those stars Cindy . They’ll be a snap once you get the hang of it and they really do look lovely.

I think having that as your goal for the month along with nothing else is probably a wise idea though...and for crying out loud will need every ounce of chocolate to keep you going through paper piecing those ...cut yourself some slack !

Marg said...

I think that you have set yourself a great goal for this month. Those blocks will look great and it's a great way to start paper piecing. My very first paper piecing was making a star, you can do it!!!!


Good luck with the blocks. You can do it :-)