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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snappy Wallet

How are you?

I'm still busy sewing away,
but you won't get any complaining from me on that subject.

I will tell all my blogger buddies who are getting ready for Market,
"this too shall pass!".
I'm sure right now for you sewing might feel like a bit of a pain.
For me, it's all fun and games,
but for those getting ready for Market,
it's now a mad rush to the finish.

My latest project was a Snappy Wallet.
I found it in the Summer 2012 issue of Stitch magazine.
If you're interested, you can purchase it here.

I am on the auto ship program for Stitch.
It's always nice to get a surprise in your mailbox that sparks creativity,
rather than a, "What the heck?? I thought I paid that bill!" reaction.
Don't you think?

I'm so going to make the bag on the front of this cover too.

So here's the cute little Snappy Wallet.

I used some of my Sis Boom stash to create this little beauty.
(Thanks, Melissa, for getting me hooked on Jennifer's gorgeous creations!)
The instructions were good, however, I am a visual person 
and much prefer diagrams over verbiage
when working on patterns.
(A big THANK YOU to my sister, for helping me in my frustration to understand what the heck they were saying!)

You guessed it.
Yes, I love a book with pictures rather than words.
I love looking at the photography in a magazine
rather than reading how Brad & Angie,
or Jennifer & Justin are in secret meetings with each other.

The inside of the wallet has a place to hold your coins.

And, of course, a place to hold your big bills.
(Some day I hope I have big bills to put in a wallet!)

I'm also working on more swap items, 
which I'll be posting about later in the week.

By the way,
this is my first time using my Photoshop Elements 
for my photo editing.
I have SO much to learn with that
(I'll be in line for the Photoshop Elements for Dummies class)
but overall I like these photo's a lot better.

Happy Creating!!


Linda Coleman said...

love the candy coloured fabric you used Cindy.

Melissa P said...

Oh, how cute!! And that zebra print ribbon...perfect! There's nothing quite like Sis Boom to brighten up your day. I hope you shared with Jennifer because she will be over the moon about this little project.

And thank you, again, for all the encouragement on the pre-Market stuff!

Shay said...

Gorgeous snappy purse Cindy. That fabric is very you.

I could do with something to spark my creativity over here. Its been very quiet on the sewing front.

FabricFascination said...

Adorable Cindy! And the magazine looks like a fun one too.

Mama Pea said...

Cute project. I haven't seen this new issue yet. I will have to keep an eye out for it. I bet my daughter would like that wallet.

linda said...

great little purse Cindy very you !!!