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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mouthy Stitches Swap Love!

Good morning!

I couldn't wait to post about this.
After a long day at work yesterday,
I got home to find the most awesome package in the mail!

It was the perfect ending to the day.
I received my tote from the 
It was another FABULOUS swap.

I was the LUCKY recipient of this gorgeous bag from Margaret.
You can check out her lovely blog by clickiing

Now check this out:

From the minute I saw this bag,
I knew it was mine!
(Hello??? It's the perfect pink!)
Everything about it is pure love.
When I opened the package, 
the tote was wrapped in the blue fabric sticking out from the top of the bag.
My heart did sink a tad,
because I really, really thought the pink tote was for me.
Well that Margaret is a tricky gal!
(a gal after my own heart there)
I tore that fabric off like it was Christmas!

With it came this adorable hexie key fob.
How flippin sweet is this?
And the hand stitching on all of it...

Margaret....thank you so very much again!
I hope you know how thrilled I am to get this work of art!

I also finished by Ghastlie wall hanging.
It's so much fun to pull things out of your scrap pile to put something together.

The pompoms are just a fun little added touch.

An here it is in it's new home.

Enjoy your day!



Your wall hanging is fantastic, I love the fabric, they have it in my lqs.

Marg said...

Thank you Cindy,you're so sweet, I'm so pleased you like it. You were a great partner to have and I really loved making the tote.
Love the wall hanging, the Ghastlies fabric is great, isn't ti.

Nicky said...

You are right - it is a fabulous tote! Ghastly wall hanging - not really!

Shay said...

Ha! I was in on the secret all along and I knew you'd flip out over this! Im so glad you love it . Marg did an amazing job didn't she and I told her she was so lucky to have drawn you for a swap partner...

Mama Pea said...

Oh, I love that purse, and especially the little key fob! How fun. Your Ghastlies quilt turned out just awesome!

Linda Coleman said...

Cindy, love dresden plate so I am very jealous of your lovely bag. You have been busy