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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Weekend of Sewing!

So I really shouldn't have done this,
but I spent the entire weekend sewing.
I just shut myself away in my little paradise.
The heat outside was unbearable.
The cool air of my sewing room
beckoned me to come sit for a spell.
And sit for a spell I did!
I played, and played with 
the fabric I won from Kate Spain's giveaway.
I finally finished this table runner
with  Sadie snoring away, of course.

I had this pattern, Henrietta, by Heather Bailey for quite some time.
I will definitely make another one.  I need more practice!!


But overall, I think it's pretty cute!  I even gave her some bling.

And then I made this cute little mug rug.
It's actually supposed to be a Christmas one, however
I really wanted to make this using Terrain.
It's by Jodi from Pleasant Home.  You can purchase it here.
Mug Rug

And here is our sweet little K.C.  We've had her now for 13 years, but she's as spry as an
8 week old kitten!  If you're wondering what K.C. stands for it's
Killer Cat.
Sometimes she's  
If you have made her mad,
she will remember.
And she will plot revenge.
No lie.
Ask our dogs.
Even Sadie won't go near her.
K.C. tells YOU who's boss.
End of story.

And I just realized...this picture of K.C. is when I was sewing my

synchronized squares quilt

And I didn't take a picture of my quilt top.
I guess that will come on my next post!

I hope you had some time just for you this weekend.
Seems like we just don't take enough of that.



FabricFascination said...

I just ordered some Kate Spain fabrics, can't wait till they come in. The turtle is adorable! I would love to spend a whole weekend sewing, but that just doesn't seem to happen.

Anonymous said...

Love your projects!! It's a chore to do the little sewing like that but I really need to do some soon. You so inspire me!!!

Melissa P said...

You have been busy! I'm glad you were able to spend time in your beautiful new space. It looks like K.C. approves of all the happenings.