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Friday, July 25, 2014

Aeroplane Bag

Hey World!
I hope this post finds you all healthy and happy.
I have been sewing up a storm these past couple months.
Now that my big swap projects are complete,
I will have more time to devote to this little blog of mine.

I WAY over committed in the world of swaps.
(please don't take that the wrong way...'s all legit and very legal)

I am very proud to say that all projects were completed
and shipped on time.  My track record has not been broken.

I'll fill you in on the other items I've made 
(and I cannot WAIT to show you what I've received),
but today I'll start with the Aeroplane bag I made for my partner 
in the Sew Sew Modern 5 group.  The pattern is by Sara Lawson.
It's a great pattern, but I still can't say that I love zippers.

I also made a matching drawstring pouch.  You can find the tutorial for this 

For the pouch I fussy cut 40 2-1/2" squares.
I also fussy cut 2-1/2" squares for the bag, but lost count!
If you do make the bag, and want to use the fussy cut squares,
keep in mind you'll loose some at the top of the bag due to cutting the pattern template.
so put your 'boring' ones on the top sides.

Also keep in mind where your straps will end up.
I had put of out of print Heather Ross fabric in this bag.
Well, the poor little thing can't even be seen because of the strap.

So, if using 2-1/2" squares, again, keep your more 'boring' fabrics 4 squares in from the sides and 4 squares up from the bottom where your straps will go.  I would suggest using your pops of color here and not a fussy cut.

There are two sizes the bag can be made in.
This suggestions I'm giving are for the large size.

I should have made a test bag first, but as I mentioned above,
I over committed on swaps, so time was not my friend.

The large zipper did give me some grief.  Just go slow and watch your top stitching
so the fabric doesn't interfere with the zipper pull.

Other than that, this is really a great pattern.  I was joking on IG that I 
probably won't be making another one.
But I have some cute nieces that I think will enjoy these bags for Christmas.
More to come on that story!

The cute twill placed on the linen can be found 
I heard about it from my friend Amy over at 

How about a look at the lining
(kind of sounds like...."Hey...check out my panties" when I say that)

Both sides of the lining have the zipper pockets.

Here's a closer look at both sides of the drawstring pouch

Looking forward to sharing more with you in the next few days!

today is a good day for a good day.

to all!!


Melissa P said...

Happy Friday! I know you're going to find plenty of fun projects to fill your time, now that the swap stuff is over. :) Can't wait to see them.

Donna@AllthingsMing said...

Great have been busy! It is so easy to join too many swaps ...i am involved in to many - a longs!

Amy DeCesare said...

Amazing bag! I've had my eye on that pretty pattern for a long time. I love the 2 1/2" squares for the main body. So fascinating to look at those adorable fabrics you used! I'm so glad you overbook on the swaps - more lucky partners to go around!

Linda Coleman said...

Great work Cindy. Love all the fabrics you used

CitricSugar said...

Gorgeous! I am going to giggle for days about the idea of linings being "bag panties!"

Coser Tejer Crear said...

Amazing Bag Cindy! Your partner was very lucky! What interfacing did you use?