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Monday, May 12, 2014


Hey there!

In case you haven't realized by now,
I'm addicted to swaps.

Majorly addicted.

I'm really not ready to admit it yet,
but superficially, 
I'm stating this fact.

There's just something to say about happy mail.
It makes me jump up and down when I get happy mail
(please don't try and visualize me jumping up and down)

I'm currently in three swaps, 
but the one I'm sharing today is a year long one,
which involves sending out these cute little paper pieced envelopes
to whomever's month it is.

The blocks are from the book Patchwork Please
by Ayumi Takahashi.
If you try this at home,
they are addicting
and I will not be held responsible
for whatever happens.
(just had to put that out there)

I'm sharing some photos of the blocks I've made so far this year
(minus a couple because I've run out of time trying to find them on my camera).

Each block is made according the likes of the person receiving.
Some of the photos are a bit poor in quality,
so I do apologize!  Apparently I didn't double check myself,
and they have long since been shipped to their new owners.

With each block we are to also send a little 'postage stamp'.
You can find the instructions from Nana Company 

And I had to save the best for last.
If I were to make a block for myself,
this would be it.

All blocks were sewn with Aurifil thread.
This is the only thread I use.
Yes, I have become a thread snob.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!
Happy Monday!



legato1958 said...

Oh these are so darling!! I love their little stories!! And the postage stamps are just too sweet, too! Love them all!!
What a fun swap this must be!!

Shay said...

These are just so stinkin' cute Cindy!

Donna@AllthingsMing said...

These are adorable !!!! I know what you mean I've been addicted to Knit- crochet-stitch- alongs this year!

Melissa P said...

These are great ways to use fussy cut designs! And all of them look delightful in the fabrics you have chosen.

Linda Coleman said...

Love the idea of the envelopes. You've made some great ones

Marg said...

Oh my gosh, they are all amazing, but I really LOVE the last one, what a hoot!. I think I may have to buy that book, off to Amazon to have a look.