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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scrappy Swap

Oh my goodness!
After church today, I went to get groceries.
As I was filling my cart,
it dawned on me,
I never posted the swap items received
from one of my top 10 favorites, 
You really must check out Shay's blog.
She is as hilarious as she is creative
and I was so incredibly lucky that she was my secret partner.
I'm also giving her the title of my Chocolate Pimp,
because I am now a junkie of this Australian chocolate.
Absolutely, positively
L.O.V.E it.
End of story.
But seriously, didn't she do an amazing job on this fabric basket?
LOVE the colors and I love the fact that I now have one for myself.
And the scraps that she sent along...perfect!

Thank you so much, Shay!!
You made my day
in such a great way
and now I lay
in a chocolate coma
on a pile of hay.

I'm a dork.


Scrappy Swap by cindys0707 


linda said...

never had austrailian chocolate but it sounds wonderful what a lot of lovely goodies to get ,i love the basket well love it all going slighty green !!!

Shay said...

I'm so glad it arrived OK. Yep Aussie chocolate is pretty awesome(especially Haighs!)

I'll be your chocolate pimp anytime.

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA I LOVE your poem :)

So glad you had an awesome party & are thrilled with your swap! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely swap parcel to receive,lucky you.

Mistea said...

You are so lucky that she shared Chocolate -Haha.
Gorgeous goodies there, Lovely basket hope it has found a perfect home.
Enjoy your lovelies.

Anonymous said...

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