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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Patrick Lose Contest

So...most of you know how much of a fan I am of the fabric designed by Patrick Lose.  Well, he's having a contest.  Of course, I entered...AND bought fabric....just cause  his stuff always makes me smile!  I was THRILLED when Quilts by the Oz in Moline, IL started carrying his stuff.  As a matter of fact, I was so excited I took a long lunch with my sister when they received his Satinesque line in and bought a half yard of each color.  I couldn't stop myself!  If you would like to enter his contest, just click here.  I hope you all have a great day!!


ctcsmith said...

I think if you win the contest you better play the lotto too!! :) Your on a roll!

Cindy said...

Oh you know it, girl! And don't you worry!! I will remember my family when I win the lotto! :o)

Sarah said...

you didn't tell me about this contest!!! Are you being selfish???!! hehehe Love ya, sis!