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Friday, July 2, 2010

What A Ride!!!!!

Oh my goodness!  Do I have a lot to share!!  What a ride I have been on this past week!!!  An experience I am THRILLED to have had in my lifetime!!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I won a karaoke contest which sent me to Vegas for the finals.  I didn't get past the top 100, but that was OK!!  The talent I was up against was outstanding!!  There was no thinking, "How did 'so and so' make it this far??".  Every person that was there truly deserved to be there.  I met so many wonderful people from all over.  It was amazing!!!!  One of the competitors is getting ready to start her international tour this fall and another very nice gentleman is currently working on his CD with his wife.  Let me tell you...he has a golden voice!  Keep your eyes open for Tim Wilgers in the country music industry.  All of us know he's going to make it!  He's already opened for Mark Chestnut!  I know...I want to see him...well of course you know I'll share photo's!
Oh yeah!  I'm proud!  And it was so nice to hear him talk so lovingly about his wife.  His wife is 7 months pregnant with their first baby.  But seriously, when he sings, everyone is quiet and you just want to listen and have his voice carry you away.

And on another lucky note, the Daytime Emmy's were  held the same day as the competition.  I got to walk the red carpet!!  (only because the plastic was still on!  LOL!!)

But again...lucky me!!  When I watched soaps (I had to cut myself off because I was going insane with all the drama! LOL) my favorite actress was Bobbie Eakes who played Macy on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Oh my goodness...the tragedies with she and Thorn.  :o)  Guess who I just happen to come across???

Let me tell you...she's as sweet as she is pretty.  I was in awe!!!  SHE even told ME I looked cute!  OMG!!  She's a size zero...and I'm..........not!  :o)

We went on a tour of Hoover Dam.  If you ever get a chance to be in Vegas, make sure to put this tour on your To Do list.  It's one of the wonders that will keep you in awe for probably the rest of you life.  Absolutely incredible!

We also ate at a fun restaurant.  Toby Keith's Bar & Grill.  It was great!  And they serve free 'freaky' shots.  LOL  And freaky it was!  If you ever see one of his restaurants on your travels, make sure to stop and say 'HI!' to Toby!

I have to tell you that it was great having my mom, aunts and friends travel with me to Vegas.  They made it even more special.  But you know the saying.....
So...I will tell you that we were all good girls that had a great time!!  :o)

What I can tell you is when I got back to work Thursday, my co-workers had this for me:

It just doesn't get any better than this!!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  Whether they were with me in Vegas, or thoughts and prayers, I felt the love and it was GREAT!!!  I can only hope I give back to others in my life as much as they give me.  And I have to say, for as much glamor and glitz as I saw in Vegas, nothing beats coming home to my sweet hubby and handsome son's.  I got home and Skeet had a nice cup of coffee ready for me (cause God knows I couldn't drink that stuff in Vegas!  Yuck!) and we sat on the front porch and shared what  happened while we were apart.  Hands down, I am blessed!


Melissa P said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! I'm so glad you were able to take this little adventure.

And I agree that the Hoover Dam is an amazing feat of engineering!

Have a great Fourth!!

jules said...

Look at you hob nobbin with the stars!! I'm glad you had such a great time and that you are home safe & sound!! Happy 4th of July! XXXXXXOOOOOOO

Cindy said...

Melissa - I had a great time!! Thank you! I hope your 4th was fabulous!

Julie - I just want to give you a big 'ol hug! Let me know when you're ready to meet for dinner!

xxoxoxoxooooo to you both!

Anonymous said...

Cindy... looks like you had a blast. I got to read the article in the Advocate. It doesn't matter that you didn't make it past the Top 100 because you're still our superstar!

Miss you bunches,

Cindy said...

Leeanna!!! You just made my day! I'm glad you found my blog. I have a lot of fun with it! When will you be coming back again? Love you!

Anonymous said...

Cindy ...
I'm hoping Brett and I can be back for Labor Day weekend. We don't publish a paper on Monday so that would allow us to stay a little longer. I want to be able to go to the celebration stuff at church. Hopefully, we'll be able to see you!


Cindy said...

Sounds good, Leeanna!! Keep me posted!! I'll take our picture together and blog it! :o)