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Thursday, April 7, 2016


I was thinking I had a few years before I would write about this,
but God had other plans.
I'm so glad He knows what's best for my family.

The moment was perfect.
My family tells me I don't always keep them informed.
(OK folks....I honestly think they tune me out and forget what I tell them)
So a couple months ago, I let them all know to plan for family pictures in October.
We had family game day at Justin and Amanda's.
The day was perfect.
Right before we ate, Amanda asked if I knew what we would be wearing
for family pictures.  I said I thought we could just keep it casual, since none of us
dress to the nine's.  LOL  She said she found the perfect shirt and asked if I wanted to see it.
Sure!'s February, and pictures are in October, but my sweet Amanda is a planner
and an organizer (which I love), so I truly was not surprised at all that she was thinking ahead.
She went back to get the shirt and came out with a bag.
Look what I pulled out.

We are going to be grandparents!!
Can I just tell you that when they told us,
I stared at the shirt and felt my heart just open up as wide as it could go.
I looked at my son and his face was beaming.
Poor Amanda...she was crying because I was crying.
My husband was smiling from ear to ear.
Jesse and Savannah we sitting on the couch in shock.
It was such a beautiful moment.
It was then I knew I could make up for all the mistakes I made as a parent.
Something overtook my soul when I pulled out this little shirt.
All I need to do is love this little baby and be there to support Justin and Amanda whenever they need it.  I will never overstep my boundaries, but I will offer unconditional love and support to help
my grandchild grow up to be the amazing person God intends it be.  My family is growing.  Each of my sons have found a great partner.   Both girls have added so much to my family.  We are blessed!  And now we get to celebrate with a baby!

All I have ever wanted was for my sons to be happy.  
That they be contributing members of society.
That they have a foundation of faith.
That they realize money is not what brings happiness.
It's not things that give a person stature.
It's what's in your heart and how you give back.
I may have failed in a few of these areas teaching them as children.
But I've let them know where I've failed and where I wish I would have done things differently.
Hopefully, as adults, they've listened to those failures.
I thought there was no greater love than when I held my sons in my arms.....
until I learned I was going to be a grandma.

Of course, I had to buy a little something right away, and what better thing than this.

Just a little something else to make it more 'real'. 
And being the quilter I am, I've already picked out the quilt I'll be making.

I've been dying to make this since I saw it! 
I have 2 t-shirt quilts to finish up for family members, and once I'm done, my sewing machine
is booked for my new grand baby!

May your day be filled with love & blessings!
Until next time!


Amy said...

Congratulations Cindy!! Such exciting wonderful news! So happy for you and your family!!

Melissa P said...

Such happy times!! You are going to be an excellent grandma! And I predict many hours of sewing for baby and the new momma-to-be.

Lisa said...

Congratulations! How very exciting!!

Amy DeCesare said... are not kidding!!! I wish all of you the best as your family grows! You will be an awesome grandmother!

LethargicLass said...

That baby is going to be so lucky, he will have the best grandma around! Love you hon and am so happy for you all!!!!

Unknown said...

I am so very happy for all of you. You will make a wonderful grandmother.

Unknown said...

I am so very happy for all of you. You will make a wonderful grandmother.