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Monday, March 21, 2016

Gotta Get Away Retreat

Do you have a favorite spot to go with your sewing sisters
to get away for a little sewing time?

We have a place that we LOVE.  The entire house is set up for
quilters & crafters and the name is perfect.

I cannot say enough good about it.  
The price is amazing.  
The location is perfect.
The set up is a quilters dream.
Linda makes sure you have everything you need.

Please don't mind the mess in the photos below.  We were in the middle of creating.
But I will tell you that this amazing place is immaculate.

I didn't get a photo of the bedrooms,
but they are perfect!

You can view the Facebook page HERE to see pictures prior to our messiness arriving.

Here are some things we made while away.

I worked on a t-shirt quilt I'm making for my niece, but needed a quick
'mojo' starter to get me going, so I made a pixie basket from the tutorial

My sister, Sarah, made a boat load of things, but I only got a picture of this 
ADORABLE baby quilt.  She drew the appliqued giraffe free hand.
How cute is this?  She never ceases to impress me.

The sewing set up is perfect. Each station has it's own design wall.
Look at what Tara has on her wall.
She is incredible!!

Here's a close up of some of Tara's yummy makes.

So that's our latest adventure.
It was a much needed, relaxing, fun, creative time
spent with two of my most favorite people,
We were missing our 4th sister (whom I kindly refer to as 'my sister from another mister')
Julie, you were greatly missed!!

If you are in the Iowa area, and need a nice retreat place,
make sure to check out Gotta Get Away
You will not be disappointed!

Until next time,
keep the creative juices flowing!


LethargicLass said...

Looks like you guys had a great time... I am so glad :)

cnmngirl_quilter said...

Awe shucks. I love ya Cindy! Great photos of the house. I can't wait until we get together again.