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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Outside My Kitchen Window

Hello World!

I'm still here, 
but have been locked in my sewing room.
When I haven't been at work,
I've been sewing.
More to come on that!

For now, I just wanted to let you know I was still around,
and share some photo's I've taken.
I have two bird feeders right outside my kitchen window.
I love it because while I'm cooking and/or doing dishes,
I get to see all kinds of cute little, feathered angels.

Like a chickadee.

Or a Wren

Or our state bird, the Gold Finch

Or how about the finch from 'the other side of the tracks,
the House Finch

And saving the best for last,
my absolute favorite,
the Hummingbird

I could seriously watch them for hours.
They are on a feeding frenzy now,
gearing up to head to their winter homes.
My son gave me a new hummingbird feeder.
I will get a picture of that soon,
before they leave.

A little off subject,
but just in case you are looking for a quick & easy project
for a gift, or just for yourself,
how about a cute little box pouch?

You can find the tutorial HERE.
I added the decorative stitch with a variegated yellow thread.
Have I told you I'm so happy to have my Josie back?

And to leave you on a peaceful note,
here's a photo I took before work the other morning.
I love walking around our property
(we don't have much...just 3 acres),
but surrounding the 3 acres is just beautiful country.

I have to say I think this is my favorite photo ever.
I love Iowa.
I love my life.
And I love fall!

Stay tuned, because I'll be doing a blog post on the most
incredible swap item I received over the weekend.
I seriously about fainted.

Make it a good one folks!!


Melissa P said...

We love watching the birds in our fountain. Lots of simple joy just observing them. Even the crows keep us entertained.

Enjoy them before they take flight for winter. Have a wonderful day!!

Shay said...

Your chickadees look like our sparrows.I wonder if they are the same birds?

I love watching the rainbow lorikeets in one of our trees and have been thinking about bird feeders for our trees for a while . You may have pushed me to do it!

legato1958 said...

Oh your pictures are stunning! So beautiful to look at!! And, the hummingbird ones are so close up!

I have bird feeders and the hummingbird feeder, but my camera doesn't take zoom like your camera does.
I do love your grasses blowing in the morning breeze photo. You should frame it and put it in your sewing room!

Well, your zipped box bag is gorgeous, too. Well done!!

This was a beautiful blog!

Donna@AllthingsMing said...

I was starting to get worried ! Glad you are only kicked in your sewing room ! Your photos are beautiful!!!! I have feeders right outside my ktchen window too ... I could sit there as well all day !

Be well

Amy DeCesare said...

Gorgeous photos...a little taste of heaven! My favorite bird is the goldfinch. They must be difficult to take a picture of, just like cute little children...too busy.

Cindy Sharp said...

Your pictures are fabulous! I think I might love Iowa too.