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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zakka, a Tip, and a BooBoo

Our first project?  The pepper coasters.
Here is my big Ta-Da!

This is a super easy pattern
and a lot of fun to make.
If you need a quick bit of sewing therapy,
I highly recommend making these.

And using fabric by Patrick Lose
makes me even happier!

I love using his fabrics as blenders in my projects,
but in this case, they are showcased as the main fabric.
So, see, you can create a winning project either way!

If you would like to join in the Zakka sewalong,
you can purchase a copy of the book
Our lovely hostesses are

To see the weekly project, you can click HERE.
I don't know that I'll be able to participate every week.
Some of the projects look to take more time that I can devote in a week,
but I can say I will give it my best shot!

I came across a tidbit I would like to share with you.
(and for the life of me, I wish I could remember where I saw it so I could give proper credit!)

I've often been a bit frustrated because I can't remember what type of thread
is in my bobbin.

So purchase a box of these

and use them to mark your bobbins.

Any time I can save myself from making a mistake,
I'll try it!

Speaking of mistakes,
(not that I know this is one yet),
my poor Josie is going to the sewing machine doctor today.
I'm hoping this is something the warranty will cover.
If so, she'll be shipped off on Monday.

I am heart sick.
(I was even more heart-sick telling the prior owner, who is an absolute sweetheart, poor Josie broke!)
The accufeed prongs just snapped off.
I didn't even have 12 inches of sewing done and they fell off.
This happened shortly after I received the machine.
I will write about some lessons learned about purchasing an expensive machine
in a later post, but right now
I just has to share my sadness.

So wish Josie well
and hopefully it's not going to cost and arm and a leg to fix her!

Until the next adventure....xoxoxo


Melissa P said...

Such cute sewing therapy! I'm so sorry about Josie. Crossing my fingers for you that it will be an easy fix.

Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

SO sorry about your machine issue, but clever idea with the reinforcements AND LOVE your peppers! Just darling!

Sew Surprising said...

Your peppers are lovely, certainly would pretty up any space. I feel for you and Josie :( my new machine Morg (she equals a morgage repayment) kept showing an F1 error and when I took her back to be checked she refused to do it :( Ive accepted she has a few quirks hahahahaha, but yours will be an easy fix Im sure.

Amy DeCesare said...

Poor Josie - I know how it feels to have a machine in the hospital, and I hope you'll both be feeling great soon. Your little pepper set is so pretty! I really love how you used some of the prints in several places, to tie them all together. Fun, huh?


The peppers are so cute. So sorry to hear about Josie being sick and hope she is on the mend soon. Love the reinforcement tip.

linda said...

oh dear poor Josie ..............and you !!!!fingers crossed they can fix her ,i am just going to Amazon to order that book have been thinking about it then when i saw your peppers ans someone else made apples i have to have it !!!

Mama Pea said...

Love your coasters. Maybe I'll get time to start.

Great idea for your bobbins. I get different colored bobbin keepers (you know, those donut looking ones) for different kinds of thread. That way I can figure it out.

You're sewing on a Janome, right? I think they'll do you right. Sorry about that problem. :-(

legato1958 said...

Your peppers are so pretty and fresh!
Hoping Josie is on the mend soon (and not too expensively!)


CitricSugar said...

Reinforcements? That's freakin' brilliant!!! Thanks - I'll have to try that. I'm getting an awful lot of variety in my threads lately and I'm bound to need it.

Sorry that your machine calfed. :-( Have you got it back yet?