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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Coasters by eamylove

I figured you all deserved
an inspiring post after my rant on Samsung the other day.
(thanks for letting me vent though!)

Amy DeCesare of eamylove
is one of my Top 5 favorite bloggers.
The way she writes about her projects
and her sewing skills inspire me to
make each project as careful and beautiful as I can.

She designed these lovely coasters
which you can find here

The purple fabric squares are
leftover pieces from one of the Anita Vacation Totes I made.
(pictures to come of that shortly!)

As a matter of fact,
Amy's coaster idea came from the perfect 3" squares 
that are left from the AVT after cutting the corners to box the tote.
(Way to recycle, Amy!!)

I actually made these coasters for my sister,
but wanted to showcase how cute 
these are with a nice cool glass of pink lemonade on the front porch.
(I'm really sorry to tease my friends from the Southern Hemisphere with this
warm, sunny photo shoot)

I can't wait to make another set of these.

It was also fun trying one of the decorative stitches on my beloved Josie.

and how about another view?

Here they are all tied
and ready to be gifted.

Thank you, Amy, for coming up with such 
a neat idea!!
I love them!!

And just for posterity,
another sweet shot of the lemonade.

So what are you waiting for?
Head on over HERE.
And when you're done,
stop for a visit at Amy's
and tell her I said hello!



Melissa P said...

Cute! And I love your use of decorative stitching. It's just perfect!

Shay said...

Very cute and they look darling on your sunny table, with lemonade on them's lucky I like you. It's grey and overcast here today!


The coasters are gorgeous, what a great gift for Sarah.

Vicki said...

These are so simple, but oh so cute! I will be making a set!!

linda said...

Love. the Sun but we have it too today yay lovely little mats wont let me spell Word begining with C...talking of beaches we are going to the sea today till friday will be in touch when i get back

Amy DeCesare said...

So sweet, with the leaf stitching...Josie is such a little show-off! {In the nicest way!} I can't wait to see the tote bag now!

legato1958 said...

They're elegant... and I LOVE the Josie Stitching!!!! That's a great artistic touch!!

This is a a beautiful post... in "Amy " style!!


Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

Lovely and oh so handy Cindy. Well done

Mama Pea said...

Those are awesome, and I love the jars, too. So cute!