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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

Feel free to play this as you read this post.

As Thanksgiving draws near in the US,
 I'm always reminded of how blessed I have been in my life.

I won't lie.
My life hasn't been perfect.
Who's has?

It's what you take from it that counts.
I choose to hang on to those memories
that have made my heart sing.

Like the birth of my first son, Jesse,
and my mom bringing my grandma to the hospital to see him for the first time.

 And all the wonderful memories my grandma left for me.
Like making our wedding cake.
(27 years ago!)

And making Justin (son #2) his first quilt
(which he lovingly referred to has his 'nigh nigh')
 that he carried
for years until it became tattered and thin,
due to all that snuggly love.

 And I cherish the memories of my grandpa 
and his beautiful violin playing.

 And the continued tradition today
of gathering around the piano during the holiday's,
and family reunions,
for a sing along.

And for the silliness my boys
loved to share.
"MOM!  Take me a picture!",
they used to say.

 (they are going to kill me if they ever see these pictures!)

Their anticipation of Santa.

I have so many, many grateful's. 

I'll include more tomorrow.

For today
I lovingly remember my grandparents who are no longer with us on earth.
 I am thankful for all the memories they have given me.
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about them.
Sometimes my heart aches,
but I try to be happy that I had them so long in my life.
Because when my time on earth is done,
I don't want anyone to be sad.
I hope they will always think of me with a smile,
and remember all the good times.

For today,
I remember how truly blessed I am
 with my wonderful sons.
My life is, and always has been,
 dedicated to them.
It's hard now that they are grown,
because now I don't have a 'say' in what they do.
But I know I have raised them to make the right choice.
And I have to trust that I've done my job right,
and leave the rest in God's hands.

And one day,
when I am a grandma,
I will shower my grandchildren 
with the same love that my grandma,
and my mom, 
have done.

I've had great role models.
And for that,
I am truly thankful.



Linda Coleman said...

great writing Cindy, lots of wonderful things to be grateful for

Liz DandeliondD said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post today. So many memories and it's wonderful to read of such love.

Mama Pea said...

Cindy, this post made me cry. Thanks for sharing. Perhaps it's because my grandparents are gone, too, and the photo of your grandpa is so "Iowa." It just made me think of my own grandparents and my lovely memories. I miss them. A lot. Thanks for sharing.

linda said...

thanks for putting a photo of your grandpa in.............i am hoping he was playing "Turkey in Straw",thanks for sharing with us ,have a good thanksgiving Cindy and family x x x