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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In

Hey Gang!

Can I just tell you
that my little sewing palace
is such a great stress reliever?

I'm so happy I got home from work in time
to participate in the Friday Night Sew-In.
I try to partipate every month,
just because it's always nice to have a dedicated
time for something that really does my heart well.
(beside sweating to death riding my bike)

The bag I made is one of Melissa's designs
(I so love her stuff!)
You can find it here
If you scroll down on this site a bit,
it's the Movin and Groovin Bag.
 I thought I would link the page to all of here goodies,
because she has a ton of great stuff to make!

The fabric I used was Cosmos by Dan Bennett.
You can purchase it from
Kym has great fabrics at great prices!
I've always felt that Melissa's designs work well with the fabric Kym carries.
I just wish I had more time to put things together.

Here's the button I used for the bag.
I don't have a lot of fancy buttons to work with
(I think I need to start building a better button stash!)
but this one worked well with the bag.

The pattern doesn't call for a pocket,
so I added one in and made it two compartments.
(this would be great for someone like my sister who is constantly loosing her keys)

This little bag does have a new home it's going to.
My son's girlfriend might have mentioned she'd like a new bag
(I know when to take a hint!)
So when I see her this weekend,
she'll have a nice surprise!

Oh yeah...
when you read this,
I didn't forget about your kindle case!
I've ordered the heavy weight interfacing,
so once it's here,
you're next on my list!
(love you!)
And of course,
I'll be using another one of Melissa's patterns to make that as well.
(Melissa...have I told you you'r my hero?)

I hope you all get a chance to find a few hours to do something special just for you.

Much love!!!


SuperMomNoCape said...

Love the fabric you used for the bag. It's always so much fun to see what other blogs have done on FNSI.

Melissa P said...'re too sweet. I love to see all your creations using my patterns. They take on new life with your fabric choices.

Shay said...

You are a complete legend Cindy since you managed to whip up a bag after a full day at work. It's lovely. I'm sure your son's girlfriend will be thrilled.

Love that fabric and the button is perfect (I dont have many buttons either !)

FabricFascination said...

I L♥ve your bag Cindy!

Thanks so much for the shout out too!

Anonymous said...

Great bag, and I think the button looks good, too.

Nancy said...

I love your bag and that fabric is really cool. The button is perfect.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Ditto!!! I LOVE your bag! The button is perfect for that fabric, too. I'm sure your son's girlfriend will be thrilled with it. What a great FNSI :)

Gemini Jen NZ said...

That is one gorgeous bag - those colours really fizz! Good job.

lesleyworth said...

Great bag! The fabric is gorgeous!

Patty said...

Very nice FNSI results. I love the bag.

Linda in Arkansas said...

This is the greatest fabric for this bag, and I totally love the inside. It sure made a cool design. She's going to love it.

pinsandneedles said...

Love the fabric for that bag and the button works perfectly! Nice!

Vicki said...

Popping in via FNSI - the fabric is stunning, lovely bag.

Anthea said...

What a beautiful bag, such a smart design & your fabrics are just WOW! What a lovely cheery blog you have, I will love to visit again...

Simone Harding said...

Love the fabric and design of your bag. Very nice

Mama Pea said...

Great bag! I have seen the fabric before but never anything made up with it. So, I had a hard time envisioning it. I think this is a really good application of that fabric!

linda said...

love that fabric ..........did you get the kindle case made !!! and i like the bag too :))