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Monday, June 25, 2012

Make A Difference Monday

Hello world!

I have been busy getting my kitchen painted.
Right now I am a mess.
Paint on my clothes.
Paint in my hair.
Paint in my fingernails.
I am the sloppiest painter I've ever come across.
I can't even really say I look cute right now.

So I'm anxious to hear what you all did for yourselves this week.
Leave me a comment,
or send an email.
I really want to know that you took some time just for you
and what you did.
I actually took some time to do a couple extra blog posts.
(along with getting my massage, which I already told you about)
I love blogging, but sometimes find it even hard to get that done.
Hopefully I will keep it up.

I came across this quote while surfing on Pinterest
(I have to set my timer when I'm on that site.  It's more addicting than alcohol)

"Expectation is the root of all heartache"
~William Shakespeare~

When you stop and truly pay attention
to these words and what they mean,
it's true, isn't it?

As I thought about it,
these thoughts came to my mind:

I've had a hard time being in my own skin this week.
I'm extremely irritated.
Things that would have never bothered me before
totally tick me off.
I find myself saying things
I regret and acting on feelings
in ways that aren't "me".

Because I expect certain things from certain people.
And because they didn't follow through,
or behave the way I expected,
it hurt me.
So I became my evil counterpart.
And just how on earth does that make the world a better place?
All it does is create a ripple of negativity
and makes me look bad.

So today I have put on my big girl panties,
put a smile on my face,
and will truly work on expecting
nothing and accepting people (and myself) as they are.
I don't think this is going to be an easy task.
But it can be done
if I really want to change.

I think to some level it's OK to expect things.
I mean,
I expect my boys to do what's right.
I expect the sun to come up tomorrow morning.
I expect there to be money in my bank account 24/7
You get the idea.

And can I just be honest?
This Make A Difference Monday I started
can really irk me.
It FORCES me to look at myself.
Do you know how painful that can be sometimes?

May your expectations be low
and your rewards be high!



Linda Coleman said...

great post Cindy
sometimes I can expect too much of everyone else which then puts me in bad form and I take it out on everyone else
I did take some time for myself this week, I took half an hour and sat down, put my feet up, had a nice cup of coffee and read a magazine from cover to cover. The house was quiet as I was on my own and it felt so good that I think I will just have to do it again.

Cindy Sharp said...

Been there done favorite realization....sometimes I expect 7-11 to carry prom dresses. I forget who people really are and expect them to meet my every need. My very annilitic, enginere type husband, is not going to sit and dream dreams with me....he just doesn't have it in stock. My Lord however, is another story. I shouldn't get the two confussed.

This past weekend I went on a quilt hop/bus tour with my Mom. Just getting away from the testosterone madness did wonders for me.

Shay said...

Loved this post . I think we all struggle at times not to be irritated by the actions or inaction of others.

I spent some time this week sewing and then writing a tutorial. I guess that counts!

By the way, Im not a painter who stays all pristine either . I have a pair of painting jeans that are more paint than denim!