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Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have been waiting a while for this magazine to come out.
Here it is.
The first issue of GenerationQ,
a modern quilt magazine.

I don't know that it's available yet.
To get the issue early you had to
donate a pledge,
and of course,
I wasn't going to pass that up!
You can keep checking back to this site
to see when it becomes available.

So I know you're wondering why I REALLY wanted to get this
new magazine ASAP.

do you remember how many times I've
bragged about my blogger buddy, Melissa,
Check this out:

I was doing the happy dance for her
when I found out she was going to be published in this magazine.
I told her yesterday I received my magazine,
but she hadn't received hers
What the???
But I heard from her today
and her copies are safely in her hands.
I can't even begin to imagine
the feeling she gets when she looks at her name on the
front cover.
Her quilt that's in the magazine
Here's a sneak peak
You can check out Melissa's blog post here
to get a closer look at the quilt.
I absolutely LOVE it!!
Congrats, Melissa!!!

There's also another one of my favorites in this magazine.
Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.
This is her project in the magazine.

You can click here to view her blog.
She is full of great information.
I adore her patterns.
As a matter of fact, her Carnival pattern is next on my list to make.
If you're interested in purchasing this pattern,
or checking out her other one's
you can click here
for a list of shops.
You won't be disappointed.
Her patterns are easy to follow
and fun to make.

I hope you all enjoyed your day!


Melissa P said...

It's kinda crazy actually. That can't possibly be my name on the cover, can it? Well, even if I'm uncertain about that, there's no denying that quilt is mine!

Thank you for sharing all my excitement!!

FabricFascination said...

How exciting for your friend! This looks like a wonderful magazine, and since I am addicted to quilt magazines. I will be subscribing.

Shay said...

Congrats to Melissa. I'd be flipping cartwheels to see my name on the cover so she must be really excited too!