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Friday, March 2, 2012

Makeover Update

Good morning!
I can't believe I didn't post my update yesteday
(as it was the first of the month)
I can't beat myself up over it.  :o)

So, as I have mentioned,
I  have been extremely busy.
Actually more busy that I probably have ever been in my life.
Which leads to stress...
Which then leads to improper eating....
and I could really beat myself up over it.
But instead, I'm giving myself a pat on the back.

I started to fall off the wagon when things were getting a little nuts
Getting home from work at 9:00 at night,
doesn't make for a good combination.

I did start gaining weight.
5 pounds to be exact.
BUT....I caught myself
and as of yesterday,
I was only 2 lbs up from my Feb 1st update.

So come April 1st
I will have even happier news.
Because I am not giving in to the stress monster.
I'm learning to take time
to be selfish
and the tiny bit of extra time I have
outside of taking care of my family,
is mine.
And only mine.
And I treasure it.

This is the year I make a difference.
Even if it's only with myself.
Because that is OK!
It's not selfish.
It's taking care of myself
so I can better be there for others.
And when time is limited,
one has to focus on themselves.
Or life is lost.

I'm not giving up on my resolution.
I'm going to make it.

Have a great day!!
Much love & hugs!!



Melissa P said...

That's right, no beating yourself up! And no feeling guilty about taking time for yourself. Happy Friday!

Linda Coleman said...

you are so right, if you don't look after yourself you are no good to anybody else. Keep going

Shay said...

Go you!

All you can do is your best and it sounds like you're doing that.

Keep it up gf ...we're here for you!

linda said...

glad you caught yourself cindy good for you that now you are back on track !!!