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Monday, December 5, 2011

Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap

Hello World!
(as Lady Antebellum would say)

I had to share a few photo's of the table runner I received from

Can I just tell you that I was absolutely THRILLED to receive this!

I had my eye on this one from the minute she posted it in our group. 
I even went so far as to send her a private message
telling her how much I loved it
and wanted it to deliver to my house.
I sent the message because, if she wasn't my partner,
I didn't want my 'real' partner to feel bad
because I loved this runner so much.

When the mail came,
I saw the address was from the UK.
My heart sank a bit,
but then I remembered that ALL of the runners
everyone worked on were BEAUTIFUL.
So, I opened it up,
the package was wrapped all pretty,
I was going to read the card before I opened the package,
then the ornaments fell out of the bag,
and the happiness started!!!!
Susan lives in the UK!
All this time, I thought she was from Canada.
I'm a dork!!
(but, honestly, how many times have I admitted that to you)

Her flickr name is canadianabroadSusan.
I thought it was canadianbroadSusan.
See...I missed the a.
Now I will remember to be very careful when reading Flickr names.
Sorry Susan!!

Everything about this runner, and the ornaments, I love.
I am the luckiest girl!

Thank you so much, Susan.
I hope you truly know how beautiful I think all of this is.

Have a great day!


Melissa P said...

It's beautiful. I'm chuckling at your temporary disappointment over the giver's location and screen name. Too funny.

Canadian Abroad said...

I wonder how many others miss the 'a' in my blog/flickr name? This made me laugh out loud. So pleased you love the runner. That would be a successful swap for us then! That's what it is all about. Yippee!

Shay said...

I was wondering who was going to get that gorgeous table runner. You lucky thing you!

From the depths of despair to the highest of the highs. I wish I could have been there to see your face when you made the connection !

linda said...

you just thought susan was a canadian broad that made me laugh cindy :))the runner is fab i loved it too :((

denise/deBRAT said...

Cindy you are so funny! i love how you misread Susan's nickname and well, see it was a good thing because the surprise was still a surprise and just0the-right-runner for you when you opened the package completely! enjoy it! it is indeed, a gorgeous table runner -denise/deBrat in tampa bay florida teehee where you might thing that is eh?

Unknown said...

LOL! Broad Susan. That's a keeper!