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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In Goodies

So I FINALLY got some Christmas sewing done.
I was so happy that another
was taking place in December.
It gives me a great excuse to
'get my sew on'.

I was able to complete one Christmas gift.

This great purse by Melissa of 100 Billion Stars.
You can find the pattern here.
I seriously love making this bag.
I hope Melissa never gets tired of my bragging her up.
But she is just so inspring.

The little pouch is a pattern by Atkinson Designs
called Cash and Carry.
Remember back when when I was going to rate
projects by the number of chocolates I either ate,
or wanted to eat?
Okay...if Iwould have had
 a bag of chocolates in my sewing room,
they would be
No lie.
I broke 2 needles putting the zipper in that little pouch.
And the funny thing is,
I have made this bag a couple times before.
I had a zipper brainfart.

Here's another close up of the bag,
just because I love it.

And another......

And if you're looking closely,
yes, that is a button of Rudy Giuliani
on the shelf.
Even autographed.
That's all I'll say about that.
I'll just keep y'all guessing.

I did make this pillow too,
though not during the Friday Night Sew-In.
I made it to sell at the local craft store.

The total Diva pillow.
Just like the creator.......
No comments please.

So that was my Friday night.
You know, when I was younger,
I would have never, EVER pictured myself
sitting home on a Friday night playing with fabric.
I had too many people to see and too many parties to go to!
Where is that girl?
Safe with her sewing machine...
and very grateful.

Until the next adventure,


linda said...

i was going to ask who was in the photo but you told us first.............. rudy !!
i adore that cushion (pillow) that has you right on the front what is it called and where did you get that fabric !! !!!love it to bits............and the bag and purse (zippy wallet) are fab
and you made me laugh about your brainfart :)))))

Melissa P said...

You are keeping busy! Love your fabric choices for the bag too. Great job!

Shay said...

Your bag is da bomb.

Looks like FNSI was very successful. I love the Diva cushion (no comments from me I swear but you cant stop me thinking....)

Unknown said...

The bag is gorgeous.
Merry Christmas!

Annaliese said...

oh dear god- my brain and your brain were on the same zipper tormented wave... but your results are great!!

oh and i LOVE that chocolate scale. May have to adopt it ;)

Wendys Hat said...

These are all so fun and that DIVA pillow is just FABULOUS!!