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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sign-Ups for Upcoming Swaps

How cute is this?  Pretty darn cute, I say!
It's my mosaic for the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap 2011 on Flickr.
There's still time to sign up!
Sign ups close on October 2nd, so click on the link and head on over.
It's another secret swap, so your partner won't know you  have their name.
That makes it SO much fun.

And this mosaic I created is for another swap on Flickr
call the  Scrappy Swap
This swap closes on September 30th,
so click on the link and join! 
For kicks & giggles I had to have a picture of Edward & Bella from Twilight.
Yes...I am a Twilight junkie.
It's also a 'secret' swap.
You won't be disappointed!

So...there you have it.
I gave you a couple of events to participate in.
You never know...
I might be your secret partner!

Enjoy your day!


Cindy said...

OK, Cindy. Why did I bother making mosaics of my own for BOTH of these swaps when clearly I could have just taken yours? I love them both! With the same name, we easily could have used the same mosaic. Next time we'll organize a bit better. ;)

Shay said...

I'm doing Kat's swap too. I had to pass on the table runner swap because I'm woefully overcommitted.

I must get my backside in gear and get my mosaic up!