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Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodie Swap 2011

I have to tell you about the current swap I'm participating in.
is hosting this fun event.
Cindy is from Ireland.
Which I think is wonderful!
Ireland and Scotland are on my bucket list.
Scotland, of course, because I'm part Scotish
and Ireland (and you're probably going to laugh) because
ever since I saw PS I Love You,
I have been in love with Ireland.
I look at pictures all the time and just feel so at peace
whenever I look at them.
It's beautiful!
Some day....

So, what I love about this swap is the fact that I have no idea
who has my name.  And I love that the names I have
also have no idea I'm their secret 'stalker'.
We each get two swap partners.
I'm taking this week to get to 'know' my partners
to make sure I come up with the best swap goodies I can for them.
We will each make a mug rug and a 'goodie' (pin cushion, bag, pillow, etc
just some fun goodie that's  handmade).

Here's my mosaic I created with a few of the things that tickle my fancy

But to be honest, I will be happy with anything.
Any time someone takes time out of their day
to do something just for you,
well, that's pretty special all in itself.

So, THANK YOU, Cindy for hosting such a great swap!
This is going to be a great time!


Cindy said...

I'm so glad you're playing along! Your mosaic is fantastic. I wish I thought of putting inspirational goodies in there too - I stuck with just mug rugs....maybe another mosaic is in my future? Your stalker will find it very helpful :)

ck said...

Hello! Stopping by from the Goodie Swap :-) Ireland is on my bucket list too! Partly because my great-great Grandfather came from Ireland as a boy, but mainly because one of my favorite authors sets several of his books in Ireland, specifically around Galway. I feel like I already know it in a way, and can't wait to visit for real and not just in a book :-)
Hope you are having a great week!